Time to stop talking about it

By: Carolyn Hileman

Ok, we have had numbers of people who have said we need to take the Republican Party back, some have set up blogs, some are writing about it and even more are just complaining about it. I know it seems like a very daunting task and you are asking what can I as one person do. The fact is one person alone can do some things but if we all as a group set about with a plan and are committed to the actions of that plan you will see results beyond your wildest dreams.

You see I know a secret; it isn’t really a secret as the information is out there if you have a clue what you are looking for, lucky for you I do. I as a former election judge learned something new at the last election I presided over, I learned that the average American can set the agenda for the republican party I would assume that it works the same for the democrats I don’t know that isn’t my concern. What is my concern is that the average American is not being represented by our republican leaders and our agenda does not stand for the average American, but we, you and I can change that.

By becoming Precinct committeemen and committeewomen, all this requires is a little work on your part and a real desire to change things. Precinct committeemen and committeewomen are the grassroots representatives of the Republican Party. As a PCP you have a voice in selecting Republican Party leadership in your county, the state and nationally – you may even seek a leadership position yourself. County leaders help select the state party leaders who in turn participate on the Republican National Committee and elect the national party leaders.

In Texas, parties hold their own conventions in election years. In even-numbered years, Texas Republicans hold precinct conventions, county or senatorial district conventions, a state convention, and in presidential years, a national convention. The purposes of the conventions are to:

1) Choose delegates and alternates to the next higher convention level, when applicable; and

2) Consider resolutions or statements on policy issues to send to the next higher convention and/or for eventual inclusion in the state or national Party platform.

Delegates are persons elected at a convention to represent the body electing them at the next higher convention level, except at the highest convention level in a given year where they simply serve as the representatives of the body that elected them. Alternates are elected to serve in the event that a delegate cannot or does not serve. In order to be elected a delegate or alternate to a Republican convention, the person must be a registered voter in the represented area and have voted in the most recent Republican primary election.

A resolution is a formal statement or expression of an opinion put before or adopted by an assembly. Resolutions are offered by delegates for discussion and may address any topic. Resolutions passed by delegates at a convention are sent to the next convention level for consideration. Resolutions may eventually become part of the Party’s platform.

The precinct convention is the first step in the Party process.

A precinct convention is held on the night of the primary election at each polling place after the polls close. If it is not held at the polling place, notice of where the convention will be held must be posted at the polling place.

Anyone voting in the Primary in that precinct may attend and will be considered a delegate to the precinct convention. If you want to attend your precinct convention, make sure the election clerk stamps your voter registration card with the Party name when you vote. If you do not have your voter registration card at the time, ask for a Certificate of Party Affiliation showing that you voted in the Party’s primary. This will make it easier to get into the precinct convention.

The convention generally begins at 7:00 or 7:30 p.m., and is usually called to order by the precinct chairman. If the precinct chairman is absent, any delegate may open the meeting. There is no minimum number of people who must be present to hold the precinct convention. If you are the only person present, ask the election judge for the precinct convention packet, and hold the convention by yourself. The packet will have instructions, and the required paperwork that must be turned in to the local Republican Party headquarters by the date set forth in the packet to be valid.

Delegates to the precinct convention first elect permanent convention officers, usually a convention chairman and secretary. They then elect delegates and alternates to their county or state senatorial district convention. Finally, they consider and vote on any resolutions offered by the delegates.

Each precinct is allocated an equal number of delegates and alternates to the county or senatorial district convention. The number is based on the number of votes the precinct cast for the governor in the last gubernatorial election, taking into account any applicable boundary changes.

Now we have a real road map to affect change in our party, these rules may vary from state to state but I am sure that each state has its own conventions and you can become a part of it. I presided over one of the after election meeting and it was wonderful, all of us were tired after working twelve hours in the polling place but we could feel the impact as each resolution was brought up and voted on, just a note Texas was one of the states that still voted republican. The time to act is now, contact your local republican party and ask if your precinct has a chair person if not volunteer. You cannot affect change if you are just simply complaining and one person can not change things alone, so what we need is for us to take over those positions and steer the party back to the right…

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