Have All Congressmen Been Corrupted

By: Ken Hughes

The next election is starting out with presidential candidates out front with the Media’s attention. The fact is Congress leads the culture of corruption; they are the ones who deserve greater media scrutiny. This isn’t to suggest they are all personally corrupt, it does suggest none have contact with the outside world and therefore have no idea what the public really wants. Given their druthers the public would prefer much more freedom and far less government regulation. This can only be corrected if between now and November 2008. Next year if the voters start paying attention too what they’re being told [sold] then it could change. It’s our country dam it “We the People” should be paying closer attention to what goes on.

Presidents are only a small portion of what goes on in our national government. There’s congress, the bureaucracy, special interest, lobbyists there are number of other identities that influence the system. Congress bartering for benefits system has built up over the years, primarily because it’s been permitted to happen by the voters. The voters have the ultimate power for change when they use it. The silent majority will get precisely what they deserve as long as they remain silent.

Between now and November 2008 if Radio Talk-Jocks and Internet Bloggers would take the case for “Term Limits” to the public we would see a change in congressional attitude not seen in more than half a century. It’s time to clean out the House and Senate of these congress persons who are too long in the tooth to be effective. How can men who flew propeller driven airplanes possibly comprehend the technology of traveling to Mars? They can’t and philosophically I’m speaking from experience, as a mechanical designer I knew when to quit and that was when I was in over my head in new technologies.

I have a very good friend Big Red who is part Native American or as he prefers “Injun”. He is a direct descendent of the Mountain Man Beaver Dick and a Bannock Indian girl Susan Tadpole. Beaver Dick’s fame only reaches to the wilds of Idaho, Wyoming, the Smithsonian and a dozen or so Universities in the west. He was the guide who escorted the survey party through the Firehole Country later to become known as Yellowstone National Park. Beaver Dick also was instrumental in settling the Bannock Indian Wars with the US Army. Big Red and I exchange views on a verity of issues. It’s his contention if the 110th Congress had been sitting around the Indian council fires Chiefs Pocatello and Tendoy would have run them off with their scalps in their hands, I concur. Big Red said “If the 110th congress had been around during the Indian wars the Whiteman would be living on reservations and the Indians would be in Washington.”

America is the greatest country on earth, then why do politicians try to make is seem so bad? Congressmen and women running for reelection make promises that have repeatedly been made for the past 50 years, promises I might add that have no relevance to today’s situations. They keep feeding the public the same old bull election after election and yet expect it to be believed as though it were something new? Do they really think the public forgets, or is it they just don’t know any better?

There are serious issues that need to be addressed such as energy, social security, health care and above all education. The American education system is the worst when it should be the best. Congress places the emphasis on University education when it should be on getting to University. Our primary schools are laden with cumbersome regulations and dictatorial trade unions that does little more than lobby congress for more freebees. The education system worked very well when it was in the hands of the local communities. When the government and the trade unions took control of education it became one more political tool to be manipulated by congress.

“We the people” allow this sort of thing and more to continue by not holding congress accountable. It’s time to replace those old “Long Tooth’s” for younger more capable men and women who will swear to be accountable to the public. Men and women who will agree to term limits of their congressional service. There’s a constructional amendment [the 22nd ] limiting the president to two terms, there’s no reason this can’t be extended with some variation to include congress. If a new amendment is required so be it. If I were writing a new amendment it would be three four year terms in either or both houses of congress then home with no retirement benefits. It’s the perks that keep man in congress, perks they’ve created for themselves, perks the public pay for but doesn’t benefit from. Most Americans have to work like hell for a retirement package congress simply votes for theirs themselves. It may not be fair but they make it law.

The public has a choice, they can either pay attention to who they are sending to congress or they can elect the same old frauds expect the same old crap and bitch because of it. The congress the public gets is the congress they elect.

Come November 2008 it’s not only necessary to vote, it’s necessary to vote smart. Know your candidates don’t just follow the party line. A few elections voting for the new or other guy will send a message to congress

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