Giuliani Revealed His Plan to Cut Taxes

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By: Eshwarya Patel

Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is likely to talk about his dedication to cut taxes, and improve the tax code with New Hampshire taxpayers.

It will benefit small business owners as well. He told this in Manchester at ‘Your Money. Your Choice.’ forum.

Giuliani will continue chatting about his dedication to financially conservative policies at later stops in Stratham, New Hampshire, Seabrook Beach, and Portsmouth.

Rudy is trying to make a commitment to stop an extraordinary tax boost of at least $3 trillion on American taxpayers. For this, he will have to make permanent the current tax provisions, including lesser minor tax rates.

It will include making permanent marriage fine relief, child tax credit, and providing the death tax as well. Rudy will hold back growth of the Alternative Minimum Tax to stop an unintentional tax boost on almost 30 million Americans.

“I’ve seen how pro-growth policies lead to broader prosperity. We’ll not only keep the current tax cuts in place or their equivalent, we’ll enact additional tax relief and give the Death Tax the death penalty. High tax rates hurt business and destroy jobs. I know that tax cuts are good for the economy. It’s not just theory for me because I cut taxes and got results as Mayor of New York City. As President, I will cut taxes further”, Giuliani affirmed.

Rudy’s plan to cut the tax seems to be impressive. It seems that he can create a winning situation for him after this policy that will be beneficial for every taxpayer.

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