If We Don’t Stop Them They Will Own America

By: Carolyn Hileman

They disguise themselves as a purely American group, whose sole goal is the civil liberties of American citizens and as such are funded by our government because who would want to deny funding to any organization who was for our civil liberties. However, this group is about a lot more than civil liberties for the American people as a matter of fact they have been fighting the very country they are supposed to be representing over civil liberties for people whom those liberties do not even belong. They have fought long and hard even to the extreme that it is highly unlikely they would have the time to handle a true case of civil liberties gone awry for an American citizen, the ones they claim to protect.

They have had their name attached to a myriad of cases in the past few years such as civil rights for terrorists, Standing toe to toe against our own government over whether we are allowed to use torture to gain information on suspected bomb threats and they have won. They have done such a good job that the pentagon now will not deploy a ray gun to disperse crowds in Iraq which could save lives simply because they are afraid that it will be considered a torture device. They have effectively tied the hands of our military to the point that we must ask terrorists nicely if they know when the next attack will be and how many they estimate will be killed and they call themselves American.

This group is not only concerned with the rights of the average terrorist they are equally interested in the illegal population in this country, they have gone in an effectively shut down every initiative of every city to stop the illegal immigrants from taking over their cities, even the initiative of the voters managing to get a judge to say that the voters of Farmers Branch were unconstitutional in their votes. Which should tell us that if we wish to vote on anything we must go to their site and determine if they think it fits their version of the constitution before we even bring it up, it is not only the voters that they usurp it is the president as well so we are to understand at this point we are no longer a republic we are a dictatorship and we are run by the ACLU.

Our country is set up so that no one person or group could have the ultimate power IE the president must go through the house and senate and they must go through the president. However all three must now answer to a much higher authority and it isn’t God by the way because our leaders in the ACLU don’t believe he should be in power either. While the ACLU may have served a purpose when it first started out it has now become the most power hungry, the most controlling organization in America. Our constitution no longer matters unless it is interpreted by the ACLU and most judges will bow to their every wish. Churches, organizations, companies and even presidents shudder at the name simply because if they decide that what you are doing does not coincide with their version of America and their constitution they will sue you and you will pay dearly even if they are wrong.

Case in point the two border patrol agents wrongly imprisoned, this is a case one would expect a group called the America civil liberties union to grab hold of simply because these two men are being held on charges that do not even exist and were made up in order to have them charged, Both victims are Hispanic American, and both are innocent. However they would much rather use their resources funded by you and I to stall several voter initiatives to end illegal immigration. They are more concerned about that nativity scene in front of the court house and about whether the terrorists get their prayer rugs and their three prayers per day and you and I are paying for this service. I honestly believe we as Americans owe it to ourselves to find out just who it is our tax dollars are going to prop up as our new leaders and we need to do it soon because besides the fact that we were never asked if we wanted to fund this organization or any other for that matter these people are the most un-American people I can possibly image, their sole goal is the undoing of our country and our constitution and if we do not stop them they will own America.

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