The Foresight of Bush

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Of all the theories I buy into, none cause so many raised eyebrows and dropped jaws (and patronizing inquiries regarding my sanity) as the one I hold concerning one George W. Bush. With a current approval rating sitting underneath the radar and the Blame Bush culture firmly entrenched in our society, I tend to feel somewhat like a salmon swimming upstream.

But, I’ve given it much thought and have only grown stronger in my conviction: history will prove Dubya was right. Right about Iraq, right about Afghanistan, right about al-qaeda, right about the world being at war, and right about the war being a religious one. Despite the drabble of disgruntled ex-military colonials and so-called military ‘experts’ appearing one after the other on cable news channels, the truth is Iraq is now a front in the War on Terror. To leave that nation unprepared to stand on its own would possibly be remembered as a mistake in hindsight and a turning point in the ongoing war.

The political left has convinced enough Americans Iraq is ‘another Vietnam’ that confidence in the President has broken, giving proof of the saying ‘the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.’ No surprise, as every military exercise the U.S. has been involved in over the past three decades has been labeled ‘another Vietnam’ or its pseudonym, ‘quagmire’.

More good has been accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan since the Allied Forces moved in than you have ever been shown on television. While the situation in both counties is anything but perfect, both nations are much further ahead socially and economically than before. The news will fall all over themselves to get the latest clip of a roadside bomb going off, or of a screaming ambulance racing down a Baghdad street, but won’t report the new hospitals opening, or of the Afghani girls allowed in schools for the first time.

As discussed, debated, dissected, disseminated, and argued to death, the Bush administration gave more than one reason – WMDs – to attack Iraq. It is still uncertain if there were any at all, or if they were moved before the invasion. Who cares? By working to create some semblance of a free and democratic nation in the Middle East, Bush has responded to the 9/11 attacks by going after the heart of the beast. Set up shop on that side of the world in order to fight the Islamofascists there – not here. And, just maybe, some of these young Muslims won’t be so easily swayed into radical groups when they realize they have the opportunity for freedom and democracy of their own.

History will show that Bush struck the first and the most astute blow to the global terrorist threat by going into Iraq. Next stop on the world tour: Iran?

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