Iran is Trying to Kill My Brother in Iraq

By: Lance Winslow

Why is America so afraid to do what must be done? My brother is in Iraq and Iran is supplying weapons to kill US Troops. If the Democrats really care about American lives they would authorize an immediate attack on Iran’s military and command and control, including Iran’s leadership.

What should be done? In my opinion, it is quite simple – Iran needs to be attacked with 22,000 sorties in 72 hours. We must eliminate their 1,000,000 man army (1/3 are sworn suicide bombers) and take out all those Russian Missile Launchers, as well as all their short range [1200 mile] ICBMs missiles that are Chinese made.

Additionally, we do not need such a rogue nation with nuclear weapons, which supports terrorist groups to the tune of 100 million per year in Hezbollah alone. Further, Syria must be dealt with in a big way since they have 10 international terrorist organizations Head quartered in their state, it is time to come clean or pay the piper.

The message needs to be simple and swift, do not screw with the US – we are off limits. No more international terrorism on Planet Earth, as it is time to stop this baloney and take care of the real problems using the new bases we have in Iraq and Afghanistan and bases to launch from in a full-scale effort. Am, I calling for war?

No, I am calling for justice and peace in the Middle East and the elimination of threats against our troops, our nation, and our allies, by removing the problem ASAP. We have the technology, the weapons and the mandate, it is time to do what is right and dismiss this plague against humanity from the present time-period, period.

Sincerely, Lance

L. Winslow is an Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur Currently he is planning a bicycle ride across the US to raise money for charity and is sponsored by and all the proceeds will go to various charities who sign up.

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