You’re Right To Privacy, My Right To Be Safe ???

By: Ken Hughes

There’s a controversy in congress and the judicial system of this country over the rights of privacy. Those who appose increased surveillance by the government drag out the first amendment and scream foul. Those who wish to prevent another 9/11 drag out the articles of confederation that empower the government of the United States to protect the nation and its people from foreign invaders and cry for reason. The liberalization of this country is going to get a lot of us killed if it doesn’t change. Individual privacy should be tempered by the need for a secure America and its people from our enemy’s from within and abroad.

There’s been a tendency since 9/11 for congress to give the government vast powers to conduct surveillances of those deemed hostile to this country. When the government uses these powers and they’re questioned by Liberal politically correct opponents congress immediately calls foul. As an example I’ll paraphrase a quote by John Kerry, “I voted for the war but if I knew the president was going to actually go to war I would have never cast my vote that way.” There’s a lot of pandering and posturing that goes on in congress, no where more than among the Liberal members of congress, it seems their sole purpose is to advance the cause for socialism at any cost.

There are some in congress who believe in a One World Order with an origination such as the UN as the head of the “One Earth Nation.” For those who question the validity of this statement I suggest they research the University archives of some of the more prominent Liberal congressmen and women. Their beliefs are more in line with the Communist Manifesto than the Constitution of the United States.

Every despot in history who’s ever seized the reigns of power has done so in the name of the people. From Gigues Kahn to Hugo Chavez it’s always in the name of the people no matter how many people are slaughtered along the way. If government surveillance in the name of security requires some infringement on our personal rights so be it if it saves one life. Modern electronic technology allows intelligence surfing without an actual physical presence of someone listening in. It’s done by flagging critical words and critical phone connects, the computer does the listening. The necessary protections can be programmed in to prevent eavesdropping on innocent conversations. The paranoia of congress that someone’s civil rights may be violated is political not factual, that it may prevent the next 9.11 is factual not political.

The genius of the founding fathers gave congress latitude in interpreting the constitution, they also set ridged standards for changing the constitution. These men who created this nation understood fame fortune and power are mans aphrodisiac. They understood some men will go to any lengths to obtain these perks. In anticipation of congressional and presidential corruption the founding fathers made it difficult for future leaders to bend the rules. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done it means it can’t be done under a cover of silence. Freedom of speech and freedom of the media are safeguards that were built into the constitution to assure we would never become a dictatorship.

In the past 75 years the affairs of state have become so convoluted it’s nearly impossible to know what part of the liberalizing of America is sincere and what part is a grab for power. As brilliant as those founding fathers were it would have been unrealistic to think they could foresee every problem that would arise in the future. They dealt with what they knew at the time and perhaps with a little clairvoyance tossed in. We can be sure the founding fathers had no way of seeing down the road into the 21st century.

Are all of the liberal programs instituted since the nation was founded to be rejected simply because they don’t fit the original articles of confederation?
Certainly not, as the nation grows so does the responsibilities of government. As the threats to the nations security grows the need for tools to identify and detour them grows. Congress needs to stop playing politics with the countries security and concentrate on ways of enhancing security without stepping on the rights of the innocent. Taken out of the hands of the bureaucracy and out-sourced to one or more of our many fine Universities this is entirely possible to accomplish. There’s a turf war that goes on in government that prohibits any significant progress to be made on critical projects.

A great deal can be done by the public to correct the malfunctions of government by electing congress men and women whose concerns are America and it’s people and not their own personal comforts. It’s not the annual salaries that keep these politicians running for office it’s the perks and the power. It means they don’t have to have a real job where performance counts.

In 2008 vote smart, vote for the other guy for Congress.

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