Adios Rudy, Welcome Fred!

By: John Lillpop

With his latest pronouncement, which holds that illegal immigration is not and should not be a crime, Rudy Giuliani has confirmed his reputation as a big city liberal, too far to the left of Hillary Clinton to be a Democrat, and too much like George W. Bush to be a Republican.

Most distressing is that Giuliani lacks any righteous indignation over the fact that 12-30 million third world illegal aliens have invaded and now occupy large swaths of America.

Giuliani ‘s “solution,” as told Glenn Beck, is to secure the borders.

While that is absolutely the number priority, Giuliani has no plan for dealing with illegal aliens already here, except to grant the invaders amnesty and citizenship.

But why even bother securing the borders if the government policy is to do nothing about evil doers here unlawfully?

Glenn Beck:

While Giuliani was doing the Mexican Hat Dance to pander to the illegal alien community, Fred Thompson was standing up for American sovereignty and rule of law.

Said presidential candidate Thompson, “”If we catch illegal immigrants who are here, they need to be deported,” Thompson said. “If they want to get back in the right way, get in line with everybody else.”

ABC News:

Compared to Giuliani’s double talking drivel, Thompson’s words are sweet music indeed.

However, Thompson needs to beef up his portfolio on this issue by proposing a top-priority law enforcement effort to seek out and deport illegal aliens, rather than waiting to catch the third world scoundrels as they engage in other crimes.

Adios Rudy, Welcome Fred!

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