Conoco, Your Debit Card and Bouncing Checks

By: Carolyn Hileman

I don’t know about you but I am not so rich that I don’t notice when my account is to the breaking point and I tend to spend very conservatively when I know a check in the wrong amount may break the bank. However, we found out over the weekend via our daughter that some of those times when we knew we had the money in the account but the bounced checks said we didn’t if we bought gas with our debit card we more than likely did not have the money in the account we thought we did.

Our daughter who has just begun working and managing her own money bought one of those prepaid credit cards from Wal-Mart and checks her balance nightly. Saturday night she got a surprise and when she told us we were surprised as well. You see she put ten dollars worth of gas in the van using her card and found out the next day that she was not charged ten dollars but thirty five dollars Conoco at Brookshires in Lufkin had put a hold on thirty five dollars to pay for ten dollars worth of gas. At first I thought this had to be a big mistake, a joke but when I got gas this morning I went and asked the attendant and was told they do that only to debit cards and only if you pay at the pump like that was going to make it better.

We have all had those weeks, some of us those months where there is to much month at the end of the money especially during the summer when we are fighting high electric bills as well as high gas prices and an extra twenty five dollars being held on the wrong day can send your checking account bouncing across the US and back. There are no signs on the pumps to warn you that oh by the way when you buy 5 – 10 dollars worth of gas there is an additional I don’t trust you charge of $25.00. So you buy your $10.00 worth of gas and hope it will carry you through the week and then suddenly you start getting letters from your bank saying you are overdrawn and you and I both know if you don’t know why you are over drawn it is very hard to play catch up so that one bounced check turns into five bounced checks simply because you not only have to pay for that bounced check you must pay for the bank to cover it to the tune of twenty five dollars or more and all of this because you put ten measly dollars in gas in your car.

Oh and if that isn’t bad enough, the bank will give them that money and when they decide to they will credit back the rest of the money, which I am sure will help defray some of the cost of those bounced checks, not. You will have to forgive me but this is nothing but wrong, this is taking money that does not belong to them and holding it without telling anyone and this is wrong. I do not know if any other gas company does this it might do people some good to check, but I just thought you might want to know about Conoco, you’re debit card and bouncing checks.

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