Real Life

By: Carolyn Hileman

Robbing from Peter to pay Paul and thanking the good Lord that Peter is always around when you need him. Working from dawn to dusk just to make sure the kids have a good Christmas, even though you know that Santa will get all the credit. Getting that last half a mile out of that tank of gas it seemed you just put in before you relent and pull over and grudgingly pay for another one. Sitting up nights browsing the internet because you can’t sleep, your body aches and the money to go to the doctor belongs to the electric company this week and the water company the next. Wondering why it was that it was so important to you to grow up fast when all you want now is to be younger.

Pulling your babies first tooth and scrounging around for a dollar to put under her pillow since the tooth fairy is on permanent vacation and you are the new replacement. Cleaning the heads on your motor because you let the radiator over heat and god only knows where you would get the money to buy a new motor. Getting up and getting dressed only to have to get dressed again because your youngest spilled orange juice on you and then finally dragging the kids to church where you pray for forgiveness for all the harsh things you thought and said all the way to church. Enjoying the peace and tranquility of the church and eternally grateful that is someone else’s child screaming their lungs out…

Only those who live the real life can understand the small victories such as being able to pay the bills and afford to go to McDonalds afterwards, or the wonder you get when you watch the children at play, the quiet moments when you just sit and watch the world go by, others would not appreciate being able to sit on their back porch and know that it belongs to you. Not that we would not love to suddenly have a million dollars dropped on us but that we are satisfied if it doesn’t. It is not a feeling that is easily put into words, it is not a feeling that just anyone can have, one has to want and actively search out the real life.

Advertising agencies try to sell it, TV and movies try to remake it, but no product can produce it and no movie or TV show can even come close. The feeling of being right where you want to be, the feeling of having everything you have ever wanted right before your very eyes and knowing it. Be it the love of your life, or the little one running to you when you get home from work, or the teenager that defies the norm and actually talks to you. The simple things, the private moments, that only you can savor, the once in a lifetime moments you can never ever get again and they are right there for you to touch, they are more important than the debates, the war, the entire world for that matter and they should be.

Sitting on a hard bench just so you can watch and see when your son finally makes a home run, going to your Childs first choir concert and telling him he was great. Sitting at the mall for half an hour while she tells her boyfriend goodbye and wondering if you need to lock her up until she is eighty. Watching as your daughter walks down the isle, watching your son sweat as he waits for his first child to be born, buying your first home even if you are to old and tired to carry her over the threshold. Eating burned suppers the entire first year of marriage and being proud to do so because the love of your life made it for you. Those are the moments, those are the days, and those are the seconds that are slipping by ever so fast, those a what dreams are made of, what poets and screen writers try to capture and that is what you and I have, that is a real life.

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