Do People Really Believe That Men Like Osama Bin Laden Are One Of Gods Warriors

By: Guest Authors

By: Michael Carvell

I can not believe that any person would believe that a man like Osama Bin Laden would be in the same class as one of Gods true warriors. Bin Laden has never wanted for anything in his life. This coward and his cohorts are in no way connected to God. This man Bin Laden is a murdering coward using the suffering of so many young people to kill innocent people here and abroad. Using hungry and uneducated children as human weapons is nothing but a lonely man full of hate that will use any person to keep his name in the news.

I can not believe that any person would compare these men to people that really serve God? Religion and God are the very creation of life not the death of so many innocent on both sides by power hungry mad men. The only real reason that men like Osama Bin Laden get so many young people to kill for them is the lack of food and education that would show these young people that there really is a better way of life that God want for them.

As long as these young people are brain washed and starved with our education there will always be blood suckers like Osama Bin Laden to take advantage of these children. I still say it is time to feed these hungry children of the world and take away the use of these hungry young people that are being used as weapons by these hate mongers use to promote there twisted view of religion.

As long as men like Osama Bin Laden use religion and hopelessness to brain wash these innocent young people the war on terror will never end. I believe we must all work together to make sure that these people are stopped from twisting these young minds to serve their own twisted religious agenda. I want to know if this man thinks that democracy is so bad why does his family live under it? I believe that if Osama Bin Laden really believe this twisted view that he preaches about religion why does he hide while kids do and die for his dirty work?

To even compare this man Bin Laden to God or his children is a curse on religion. This power hungry mad man will not even die for his own cause. This murder is nothing without the children he uses to kill innocent people. I do not even believe that Osama Bin Laden knows what real religion is other wise this man would not use children as a weapon. God and his son Jesus created and gave life not take life away from Gods children.

If Osama Bin Laden believes in all this death why is he not on the front lines like the innocent children of God that he uses? I would like to understand what this twisted man has to do with any type of religion? True supporters of God do not hide in the dark like some kind of devil. Stop this killing of Gods children If you even know what real religion is. Look in to your heart and let the real God in and you will realize that God Give life. No murder committed in Gods name is anything less then the abuse of Gods children.
I cannot believe that Any one could be that twisted by religion to use Gods children against him. This is why people must start feeding these hungry and lost children to save them from twisted people like Osama Bin Laden. When religion is twisted and used by people like this it creates a weapon far greater than anything that man could make. I think by feeding these children it would take away so many children of God this man could not use for death.

This use of religion and God as a weapon has to stop people must reach out in any way they can to spread the true word of life and love the was taught to us by his son Jesus. I pray that this loss of so many of gods children will end. I think it is time to heal and not kill. Love and feed these children and God would want. I pray that more people will stand up stop this abuse and death of so many of Gods children By this Devil Osama Bin Laden.

Their is plenty for all people in the middle east if they will just stop killing and start sharing all the wealth to make a future where their children can live and grow. Learn and love instead of walking weapons of death. Turn your hearts and your children hearts back to god and bring peace to the middle east.. This I pray for a world where religion is used for life and love instead of death and war.

As always I write with respect.

My name is Mike Carvell of the voice I hope that these articles will bring fourth change and hope for all people. I write to help people come together for all of God children. Because I believe really do believe that all people are important . I really believe that death and war must stop. I believe that god would want religion to be lived by not used as a weapon to kill. I think that we all can be so much more if we all try. I see a world where no one goes hungry. I see a world where no child cries out in pain from lack of food or proper medical care. I see A world where each of us values every life. I see a world that lives as God and Jesus would want his children to live. I see a world where we all stand together as one people. I see a world where death and war are weapons of the past. I see a world peace and love is part of every one of Gods children. I see a world where all people really live as Gods children. This is my hopes and prayers for all people that read these articles. May God bless all of us and bring a final and lasting peace to all people. As always, Thank you.

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