The Job Is Not Yet Finished

By: Carolyn Hileman

We have fought the mighty battle on land and on sea; we have marched to the drum beat of the clarion call to war. We have fought the mighty demon with our broad swords and might, we have dropped raging fire down upon those we fight and still I stand before you and say the job is not yet finished. We have met the enemy in their own land and we have conquered those whom hate us by our will and our might, while there may still be small battles and skirmishes’ waging the war belongs to us, and still I stand before you and say the job is not yet finished.

The job is not yet finished when anyone from any where can walk into our country waging small battles in our streets; the job is not finished when those who chose to start it are now the new elite. The job is not finished as long as those who hold our future choose to turn a blind eye to the enemy in our streets. The surge may be working, the enemy at bay but until they cannot sneak someone into our country the job is not finished. They raised no sword against us, they sent no enemy troops, they simply moved in among us and planned their deadly deeds. There were no tanks bearing down upon us, no fire from the sky just simple men with simple tools and we the greatest nation of all fell in a matter of moments.

To say this job is finished would be fool hearty and unwise because the peace of today can easily turn into the horror of tomorrow. The people are no longer content with knowing we are right with the Lord should they hasten our departure and we the people want our lives secure and we want this post haste. We have tired, we have faltered but we must not fail, we must bring every inch of our power to bear and we must turn back the enemy in our midst. We must root out evil in every country including our own, we must not allow those who wag their tongues incessantly to vary our course because we will see progress in due time.

Those that march in our lands under a different flag than our own must be seen as the enemy as it is customary to plant your flag in the soil of the land you just conquered and this land as to my knowledge has yet to been conquered. This is not about peace and it never was, our enemy does not desire peace, it desires our total and complete destruction as we should them. There are no conventions when the enemy has taken you and they do not follow our code of law. They despise us and our laws and every single thing about us and they have made no bones about telling us. We simply cannot finish the job by trying to be nice to everyone and bowing down to those who are in our country; it is time to do a little rooting here.

Mr. President you can honor George Howard by finishing the job you set out to do, you can honor him by rooting out ever last vestige of the enemy in our own country and by that I do not mean just Muslims. I mean anyone who has come to our country under the cover of darkness and anyone who has blatantly disregarded our laws. It is seen as weak that we cannot even control our borders and they know of that weakness and they wait and they plan and we still do nothing to stop them. How many, how many potential terrorists are among the 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants who have already breached our defenses? It would appear that you in fact have forgotten the wound inflicted on this country because you have allowed our defenses to go to waste while you waged a war in another country, never thinking once that while all of our troops are over there fighting they were sending their own into our country and we sir were rolling out the welcome mat. Yes, we have waged a good fight, and we will continue to do so, but we must no longer fight over there and ignore the battles in our streets, because until the march of illegal’s has been stopped the job is not yet finished.

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