We Are Not Panicking – We Are Angry!

By: Carolyn Hileman

The Department of Homeland security and the FBI have been apprehensive about giving out information about the possible terrorist attempts on our schools because of fear of widespread panic. I doubt that it ever occurred to them that not giving us this information as they knew it would cause widespread anger, but it has, the people are angry that our children have been known to be at risk and we have yet to see any improvements in safety at any of the schools, or on our buses. We are supposed to believe that the schools can stop terrorists when they cannot stop a lone gunman on a campus from killing anywhere from one to thirty of his classmates.

The simple fact of the matter is what they found was a training camp not unlike what was found after 9/11 with mock airplanes only this time it was mock schools. And as usual we are a day late and a dollar short because those trainees are more than likely already living among us either illegally or with expired Visas and since it is highly unlikely in some states that they will have their status checked we will not know about them until after they have successfully raided a school and killed everyone there including themselves. If the people on the airplanes had been warned prior to their flight that they suspected that terrorists might use planes in an attack on our country I suspect we would have seen a different outcome altogether.

Yet they prefer to keep us in the dark, never allowing us to know what is going on while telling us to keep our eyes open and report suspicious activity. However, do not report people who are here illegally, do not profile Muslim Americans, as a matter of fact do not report anything we will handle it. Then we still have senators such as Dianne Fienstein who plans to offer an amendment to the five year farm bill when it comes to the floor in October that could legalize 1.5 million farm workers and it is estimated they will bring another 1.8 million to live with them and of course we have the dream act which will be on the floor later this month that will allow states to provide college benefits to illegal immigrants, another reason for alarm was a July 25 colloquy in which Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., assured Feinstein of a vote on the so-called AgJobs measure, which she introduced earlier this year as a freestanding bill (S 340). “I will do everything I can to make sure it is part of the farm bill,” Reid said.

There you have it just before the Titanic hits the iceberg they are going to throw the American people out there to form a shield so that they can protect the newest citizens. I am sorry these people have wasted how much time this year trying to legalize potential terrorists and demeaning the only people who are bothering to fight for us and all this time they have known and don’t tell me they haven’t, they have known of a plot to kill our children, they have yet to put aside one red penny for the safety of our children instead they are to busy either trying to bring our troops home in disgrace or better yet legalize terrorists before they kill our children that way they can say they were homegrown terrorists and we won’t have to go back to war.

These people have had numerous times that they could have done something, anything for the American people and instead we have had to call them and demand that they not pass amnesty, they could have spent that time debating the best way to strengthen the safety of our schools, they could have spent that time debating the exact amount of fencing needed for our border but they chose to debate what was best for people who are not even citizens, they chose to stand up there and tell us how we were bad people because we didn’t feel sorry for people who never gave a damn about us or our laws and they chose to do this while terrorists were training to kill our children. When they do raid our schools and I have no doubt they will because other than us the citizens no one is really concerned about it, but when they do I have to wonder who they will blame it on this time? Will it be you and I? Will it be Bush? Who will it be because those people never take the blame for anything they just pass it on to someone else? They will tell us that Homeland security never told them, that they had no idea or they would have stopped it. Well now DHS, you really shouldn’t worry because we are not panicking we are angry.

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