Do It Before It Is Too Late

By: Carolyn Hileman

She wipes her sleepy eyes and places her hand over her heart; she says the pledge of allegiance to her country and her state. He carefully packs his tool box making sure to leave nothing behind, she sits in her desk and listens to the announcement over the intercom and waits for her teacher to tell them what they will do today. He shaves, washes his body says his prayers and leaves. She takes out her crayons and begins to color a picture of a cute little kitten, he drives to her school, she prepares to eat her morning snack as he walks into their building. It is not unusual to see construction crews at schools so no one notices as this man walks straight through the school. She prepares for her nap and he chains and locks all exits and meets up with his fellow construction workers.

She gets her food from her lunch box that her Mom prepared for her and he pulls a bomb from his box, no one could have foreseen that these two people would ever in their lives meet, but today they do and no one will walk out alive. While some liberals would call this fear mongering I would call it painting a picture, what the liberals do not want us to know is that the terrorist have picked our schools as one of their next targets. The liberal candidates do not want this information out simply because most Americans do not trust them to protect us and with good reason. They believe that you can talk to people like this, people who would target the innocent solely to bring down the people of the United States, they believe that these people can be reasoned with and that if we will only learn to accept and honor their ways we will all be OK, they are wrong and they are about to get our children killed to prove their point.

As of today there are 17 buses missing in Houston Texas, they have found mock schools in Iraq used as terrorist training camps with blueprints to schools in San Diego, California, West Salem, Oregon, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, schools in Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, and a diskette with our schools emergency procedures on it, also they believe an incident in Florida where two Saudi men boarded a school bus and refused to get off was a test run, then we have police reporting that their continual surveillance of schools have been interrupted several times, and they are looking for schools where the swat team will have the hardest and longest time to respond, the FBI is working diligently to stop these attacks but they can only do so much and an informed person can do a lot in stopping what could be America’s greatest massacre.

On September 1, 2004 BESLAN, Russia , The hostage standoff began when the terrorists, some with explosives strapped to their bodies, stormed the school Wednesday morning.

The terrorists kept the hostages in a sweltering gymnasium, refusing to let in food or water.

“They didn’t let me go to the toilet for three days, not once. They never let me drink or go to the toilet,” Teimuraz told APTN. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the hostage-taking at the Beslan school, but Alexander Dzasokhov — the president of the North Ossetia region, where the school is located — said the terrorists had demanded independence for the nearby war-torn region of Chechnya. It was the first official word connecting the hostage-taking to Russia’s conflict with the mostly Muslim region.

Insurgents fought an earlier war for Chechen independence, a conflict that ended in stalemate. In the years since, the rebels and their sympathizers have increasingly taken to assaults and attacks outside the tiny republic.

Some Arab fighters have joined the Chechen militants, including rebel commander Abu Walid, a zealously Muslim Saudi-born warrior, and Omar Ibn al-Khattab — now dead — another Saudi-born militant who joined top rebel warlord Shamil Basayev in 1999 raids in Dagestan that helped prompt the current Chechen war.

Beslan, Russia, September 1, 2004: At least eight people are dead according to initial reports:

Possibly 400 people, including 200 children, were today taken hostage in a school in Beslan Russia.

It is reported that a group of heavily-armed terrorists stormed the secondary school, in the city of Beslan, during a ceremony being held to mark the first day of the new school year. It is additionally reported that hostage-takers have since freed 15 of the students.

The Russian news reported that the attackers had mined the school’s gymnasium and threatened to blow it up if security forces attempted to intervene. A regional police official told the Associated Press that the hostages had been herded into the gym building.

This is not an impossible attack and our schools have been lax in security for years, our children rehearse the same plans year after year with no alternate routes planned in case the terrorist is one of the students. This is not a game we are playing this is real life and these are real threats to the safety of our children and it is high time those in office and those at our schools took heed of this situation and started implementing some sort of plan of action known only to them and to the local law officials. These people want us to watch our children begging on TV for Mommy and Daddy to come get them, they want us brought to our knees and this is the way to do it. The fact that we now have 12 -20 million people in our country that we have no idea who they are or where they are from and what they are planning makes this even more urgent, we simply cannot assume it will not happen here because they are practicing doing it here. There where also videos found at those mock schools of them practicing and on one of those videos it shows them dangling a child from the roof of the school and then shooting him.

I cannot stress enough that we as a nation must act and we must act now to preserve the lives of our children. Call 1-866-340-9281 it is toll free it will not cost you a penny and you can talk to your senator or if you have the time call them all, this is the most important thing you can do today because the child you save may be your own. Call that number today speak to them and tell them that we want our schools secured and we want that now and we will not tolerate them debating this issue that we want this done now. That if it is not done and there is an attack on our schools we will hold each and every one of them accountable, do it now, do it today, do it before it is too late.

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