“Whose Hsu” Is That?

By: John Lillpop

Idealistic American youth have a long history of joining political causes in order to participate more fully in the democratic process.

Those with more lofty goals get involved to eradicate war, racism, slavery, female genocide, global warming, and conservative talk shows.

Some radical students under the tutelage of Democrats even believe that by simply wiping out conservative radio all horrendous problems facing humanity will automatically and permanently disappear.

As they say, “Together we can change the world,” and some actually believe that leftist pap.

Imagine, then, the disillusionment of young idealists when the truth about an American icon from the far left is exposed to the light of day.

I refer to Hillary Rodham Clinton who, with the passing of Leona Hemsley, has been officially crowned America’s new “Queen of Mean.”

Ms. Clinton brings much to her new role, including a vast right wing conspiracy and a spouse addicted to sex and lying under oath. She also brings her own broom, eliminating the need for chauffeured limousines and other luxuries usually demanded by liberals who rise to power.

Hillary also brings fraud, corruption, and high crimes and misdemeanors. In fact, violation of the public trust has not been this blatant since the administration of William Jefferson Clinton, also known in right wing circles as Hillary’s partner in crime.

In what must be a shared genetic defect with Slick, Hillary apparently has a chronic weakness for bottom feeding crooks with exceptional fraud skills.

Does the name Norman Hsu ring a bell, Hill?

Also known in MOST WANTED! mug shots as the “Whose Hsu” of Democrat political fundraising?

For those with conveniently selective memories like the junior senator from New York, Norman Hsu has spent the past 15 years running from a felony theft conviction.

Still not ringing a bell? See if this jars the memory:

Norman Hsu had the distinct honor of being designated by Hillary’s presidential campaign as a “HillRaiser”- a title given to top donors. Barack Obama also received contributions from Hsu during his 2004 Senate campaign.

APMYWAY: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20070905/D8RFH55O0.html

In terms even Speaker Pelosi should be able to grasp, Norman Hsu is the perfect picture child for the “Culture of Corruption.”

Except, that is, for the fact that Hsu has been a huge benefactor to Democrats, including the woman from Hope, Arkansas that would, if elected, vanquish all hope for a healthy and free America.

Given his ties to the Democrats, perhaps Hsu’s felony crimes are not nearly so serious after all?

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