Look At How Far We Have Come

By: Carolyn Hileman

Tuesday, we remembered our lost Americans who were taken from us by barbarians who wanted nothing more than to see us come to our knees, at least some of us remembered others sat in an office and called an American general a liar. Others posted headlines that I really never in my life thought I would see; we have come a long way in six years. We have come so far that we really don’t need to even have troops to defend us I mean really they are so terribly inadequate, why we can just defend the country ourselves and let those little boys and girls go home to their Mommies and Daddies.

Think about it we would no longer need any bombs because no one would even have a clue how to use them and if I were some of you I wouldn’t ask any man in uniform right now for a demonstration. Now I don’t want you to think that the little show on capital hill on the day that we remembered our dead has upset anyone I mean really they are dead what is the use of continuing a fight for a bunch of dead people anyway and like they keep telling us the terrorists didn’t come from Iraq and Saddam and his friends were such good hearted people, why he saw that there were just to many people in his country and decided to gas them since it is much more humane. Our troops and our generals are not to be trusted it is as simple as that, hell the only reason they went was so that they could if they survived go to college when they got home, shame they aren’t illegal the dream act would have fixed that for them.

I think we need to dismiss our troops and that general let them know that we know they tried but it simply was not good enough and then we need to send Hillary, Harry and all of those who obviously know more about what is going on over there to finish this war already. I can see Hillary in her pretty green fatigues now and Harry Reid with a little mustache why they would make a great fighting team. She could screech at them and he could go behind her telling them that if they don’t fall in line she will start all over again why we could be out of Iraq in days if not hours… But seriously, we have forgotten it is as simple as that. On TV’s across the world the media was giving more credence to what Bin Laden had to say than what our own general had to say. Think about this for a few moments, how much more emboldened do you think that little display made the terrorists? And how do you think this makes our military feel? That the person who was speaking for them was called a liar repeatedly that no one seemed to feel the need to even bother defending him or our military. They started off with I appreciate your service to our country and ended it with a big thank you and go to hell.

I would not blame any serviceman or woman right now if they refused to fight anymore ad just came home because the people of the United States of America does not deserve their blood, we do not deserve the sweat off of their brow. We deserve to be attacked again, we do not appreciate what these men and women are doing for us, for our children. This has become like some stupid TV show, where you ca watch it and turn the channel when you get bored, unfortunately the troops only get one channel and that is the one telling them that the people, our leaders and the media think they are a bunch of useless idiots who could not do any better so we sent them over to die for us. They couldn’t even have the decency to wait until the twelfth; they had to do this for everyone to see on the day of remembrance and not a one of us thought anything about it, we certainly didn’t think enough about it to call their offices and demand they treat that man with the respect he deserves, on September 15, 2007 the anti’s are going to be at it again, wouldn’t it be nice if people who loved our troops were that vehement, wouldn’t it be nice if people all over the country would display their flags on that day as a sign of solidarity to our troops, it won’t happen though, they will spend yet another miserable night in the desert sand thinking that they might not want to come back home, because the people have forsaken them, just look how far we have come.

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