Will Hillary’s New Civil Rights Include Whites

By: Ken Hughes

Hillary Clinton recently appeared before a group of NAACP members, [you can bet there wasn’t a person from the hood among them.] She told this august group that treatment of blacks in this country was totally out of balance. Frankly I couldn’t agree more, the privileges extended to blacks over whites should be an embarrassment to congress. The only group more pampered and more privileged than blacks in this country is the United States Congress.

In her speech she singled out AG Alberto Gonzales as one of her targets. It seems she was blaming him for a Louisiana District Attorney bringing charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder against a black student who nearly beat a white student to death. You can bet if the colors had been reversed Hillary would be up in arms the white student’s hadn’t been executed yet. The conviction of the black student was over turned, perhaps justifiably so I don’t know. How can the Attorney General of the United States be held accountable for what a district attorney in Louisiana or any other state does? Hillary is supposed to be the smartest woman in the country, [or not, I vote not]

There’s more, Hillary brought up Hurricane Katrina and how the blacks were invisible. That doesn’t square with what we saw, blacks seemed to be all the Media showed on their reports on the national news. Hillary is blaming George Bush for Hurricane Katrina, probably because he didn’t stand in the middle of the Mississippi Delta screaming “Go away Mr. Hurricane go away” like Hillary’s friend Fidel Castro did for Cuba. Billions of dollars have been funneled into New Orleans to care for less than a million victims. Black Democrats run the show In New Orleans, should we ask Hillary to explain in whose pocket those billions went? Not even Hillary’s friend and mega contributor Norman Hsu was that clever.

In most inner cities in this country HUD is busy constructing 1000 sq ft homes across the street from 1000 sq ft homes they constructed a mere 10 years ago that have since become unlivable crack houses. Thousands of Mobil Homes sit in fields in Arkansas deteriorating because it would be degrading to suggest Blacks to live in Trailer Parks. The good news is they will be going to our Native American second class citizens, if they qualify.

You can bet the first Indian Reservation Hillary shows up on the Blacks will be the unappreciative bastards and the Indians will be her chosen people. Hillary has her message geared to fit her audience, never mind it turns 380 degrees with every speech. The treasury isn’t going to be able to print money fast enough if Hillary becomes president and the Democrats remain in charge in congress. Wake up and smell the Triple Fudge Lata America you can’t earn enough to satisfy the Democrats greed for taxes. Where does it say in the constitution the government is required to provide cradle to grave financial assistance to every citizen and non-citizen living in this country? Hillary and Bill Clinton have earned millions of dollars convincing Americans what a miserable country they live in, That only Hillary inspired by Karl Marx communist manifesto can save this great nation from the evils of the capitalist system that steals the birthrights of the stupid, lazy unmotivated self promoting
poor among us. We owe them because?

It’s time this country got over the guilt of an unattractive period in it’s past.
White America has more than made amends for the treatment of Blacks. If Blacks had any sense of their heritage they would be trying to do something about conditions in their ancestral homeland and stop whining for more freebees here at home. I suggested once that rather than sending young black first time offender to detention homes or prison they be allowed to volunteer for a peace corp. style origination and spend a year in Africa helping those in need over there. When JFK suggested it for white kids he was called a visionary, when I suggested basically the same thing for black kids I was call a racist. But we know any thing that hints of black accountability is going to be deemed racist. Black have become a given for Democrats at election time. Hillary has even suggested voter identification be suspended and we allow anyone who shows up the right to vote. There goes the constitution out to the compost pile.

God gave Israel to the Jews. A liberal congress gave Blacks the Whiteman’s check book, a gift that keeps on giving. Am I a racist, I wasn’t until things went too far for to long. Now I’m about as racist as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpten, considering those two maybe I am a racist.

ken-hughes@comcast.net In case some black racists want to respond!

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