O.J. Arrest Proves America Still Blatantly Racist

By: John Lillpop

As a red blooded patriotic American, I am distressed at the news breaking from Las Vegas concerning the arrest of OJ Simpson on multiple felony charges.

Do we Caucasians never learn from our mistakes and sins?

Just 14 years ago, racist law enforcement authorities in Los Angeles did every thing within their power to nail OJ with the murders of his former wife Nicole and a nice Jewish boy named Ron Goldman.

Los Angeles police used every trick in the book to harm this innocent African-American hero, including a tawdry attempt by super racist Mark Fuhrman to plant incriminating evidence on OJ’s property.

This rotten maneuver was smoked out by the jury, a collection of scholars, students, and rebellious intellectuals who saw through Fuhrman and his corrupt ways.

Despite their best efforts, California was stymied in it’s attempt to conduct a high technology lynching of Simpson on live television. This ruse was particularly embarrassing, coming as close as it did to the failed attempt by the U.S. Senate to hang Clarence Thomas using the Black Widow, also known as Anita Hill.

And now Las Vegas police drum up these phony charges and have arrested OJ once again. Why do Las Vegas police refuse to accept OJ’s story that he entered that hotel room only to recover artifacts of his career that had been stolen from him?

As OJ put it, he orchestrated a “sting” operation against evil doers to get his own property back. How can that be against the law, or even objectionable?

Let us hope and pray that OJ will ultimately be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to turn over every item of recovered memorabilia to Ron Goldman’s father. OJ is obviously dedicated to paying every nickel still owed the Goldmans pursuant to that rigged civil judgment.

When will America finally discard the shame of racism and treat minority heroes like OJ Simpson with respect?

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