If You Can’t Hire Cheap Labor, Move Out Of The Country

By: Carolyn Hileman

If they can’t bring illegal workers in by the bus load to replace hard working American’s and lower their operating costs many companies decide to move their operations to locations where cheap labor is legal. Take for instance the radio flyer, the little red wagons we knew and loved as children and have bought for our own children, it is no longer made in America, Huffy bicycles, ridden by many of us as we were growing up no longer made in America, Huffy got tired of paying American workers $11.00 per hour so now it pays Chinese workers .33 per hour to make those bicycles to sell to Americans the same thing goes with the Radio flyer that little red wagon has gone clear across the world before your child sits in it in your driveway. Microsoft, recently became angry that we would not allow 12 – 20 millions amnesty so they moved their operations to Canada, Hershey’s the candy company prefers Mexican wages to American but still enjoys a healthy living from us, the Americans they would prefer not to pay.

In 2001, Mexico’s wage was $1.50 per hour I would have to assume our workers would have to accept those wages in order for Hershey to move back to the US. NASCAR has been an American institution for 53 years. The drivers, the fans, the cars a symbol of America. But the tires, that could be a different story in the future. Goodyear has an exclusive contract to make NASCAR tires. The United Steelworkers Union accuses the tire company of slowing driving American jobs out of the country to China and eastern Europe. Fifteen thousand United Steelworkers walked off the job in October over retiree health benefits and job security after Goodyear said it would close a Texas plant. Meanwhile, Goodyear has ramped up investments in China, where workers are paid 42 cents an hour.

Touted as a possible “solution” for at least some employers, lawyer Frank Nelson writes in Asian Journal that U.S. workers simply are not available to fill all of the available jobs in this country, and now that the U.S. has run out of H-1B visas, employers are unable to hire foreign workers to fill badly-needed positions. Nelson then explains the loophole: H-3 is a nonimmigrant classification for an alien who seeks to enter the United States at the invitation of an organization or individual for the purpose of receiving training in any field of endeavor. Since there is no quota for the H-3 classification, visas are always available. This means that an alien can qualify for and receive H-3 classification, and remain in the U.S. even if there are no H-1B visas available. If that same alien is still in the U.S. in H-3 status (or any other status) when H-1B visas again become available, the alien can change his/her classification to H-1B.

AT&T proudly trumpeted the fact that it would end arrangements under which it outsources certain customer service functions to low-cost, offshore providers. But company insiders claim the telecom company is shipping out significantly more U.S. jobs than it’s bringing back and is set to dramatically increase its use of India-based labor. AT&T is expanding its relationship with Indian outsourcer Tech Mahindra, which is partly owned by British Telecom, according to sources with knowledge of the company’s plans. AT&T plans to drastically reduce the number of U.S.-based contract employees it uses for internal software development, they say. “AT&T is sending out far more jobs than it’s bringing back,” says an insider in the company’s customer operations department. Now at the risk of sounding like a liberal of which I am not, the American workers are being screwed from every angle. Basically what we are to take from this is that either we seriously lower our standards, accept much lower wages and terrible working conditions without complaint or they will simply lay us off, fire us or what ever and bring in illegal immigrants, H1b visa holders or if they cannot do that they will move our jobs out of the country.

We are being blackmailed it is as simple as that and those in leadership positions are either blind to what has been going on or they are a part of it and considering the behavior of some this past summer and now I am of a mind they are a part of it. Think about it folks the little red wagon, and American icon is now a Chinese icon still being sold in America, they are still collecting our money but put some of it back into our country why Hell no, Huffy bikes, made for .33 per hour how much do they charge us for them in America? I think it is high time we Americans stood up to these companies, stop buying their products and tell them all to go to Hell. It is time for the great American boycott, companies like Huffy, Radio flyer, Hershey’s and Goodyear and many others have already boycotted us. It is simple if you can’t hire cheap labor, move out of the country.

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