Can We Live In Hillary’s Socialist America

By: Ken Hughes

Hillary Clinton may be the most dictatorial person to ever be elected president, if she’s elected. Hillary doesn’t seem to be familiar with the constitution of the United States as the founding fathers wrote it. States may or may not have the authority to mandate its citizens be required to carry health insurance, although that would be questionable, the president or congress has no such authority. The constitution prohibits the federal government from passing certain laws. Many of the law congress enacts are inappropriately done in connection with the Interstate Commerce Clause. Even the strongest argument couldn’t justify jurisdiction of mandatory health care be covered by federal law. Hillary know this, she’s simply trying to out John Edwards, John Edwards who believes he can make every American see a Doctor at his bidding. They can’t do that!

The problem with presidential candidates they believe the voter’s memories are as short as theirs, they don’t think the voters keep a mental tabulation of the candidate’s promises and who they’re made to. Each of the Democratic candidates are promising to raise taxes but only on the rich, not one candidate has yet to define who’s rich and who is just getting by. If congress judges rich the same way the judge what’s a fair minimum wage then everyone who isn’t collecting a welfare check will get a tax increase.

Democratic presidential candidates insist there’s a need for a tax increase, yet they refuse to limit their own personal earmarks building bridges to nowhere, monuments to liberals and trips around the world studying things that don’t need studying. This has been going on since Thomas Jefferson rode a government horse to visit his slave girlfriend Sally Hemming. Congress persons are masters at convincing the public there’s a need to tax to support their ill-conceived social welfare handouts. Hillary Clinton has said more than once there’s a need to redistribute the wealth of the nation between the haves and the have-not’s. One thing we know for sure within a very few years the haves will have it again and the have-nots will have a hell of a hangover.

Lets not lay all the frailties of the government on Democrats, Republican congress men and women are equally to blame, to paraphrase Former Vice President James Garner “The difference between congressional parties isn’t worth a bucket of warn spit.”

Is there a way to bring presidential candidates and congress back to reality? How do the voters make them honestly represent meaningful issues and not peddle their particular brand of Bull-Sh*t? How do we get the message to them “We the People” know the difference between facts and Girl Scout Cookies. When choosing a congressional candidate in the 2008 election vote for non-incumbents, vote for the other guy and send a message to congress we’re pissed off and we aren’t taking it anymore. One of two elections and it will have the effect on congress of hitting them up side the head with a 2 X 4
This is our country we pay the bills, we allow congress to decide what bills to pay. That doesn’t mean giving them free reign on the nation’s checkbook.

The elections in 2008 may be the most critical in the past 50 years, there’s an element who wishes to set aside the constitution of go directly to the Karl Marx manifesto. Then there are those of us who wish to return to the Goldwater / Reagan conservative agenda that gives the individual the right to make their own choices, within reason. Some where between Reagan and this president the Republican Party lost their way. They lost sight of what it means to be a conservative Republican. “We the People” can bring them back to the reservation by dismissing the worst of the lot and replacing them with true 21st century thinking conservatives.

Voting for the future of the country shouldn’t be considered a choir but a privilege, America is one of the few nations where votes can only be coerced when allowed to be, America is truly the land of the free, let’s pray when the voters go to cast their votes they have this in mind this is my country I choose the leadership and command the path they take. “I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” any candidate who can’t repeat this doesn’t deserve to be elected.

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