Gay Rights? What About Straight Rights?

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By: Ceci Bell

Why is it that gay rights activists are so quick to jump on every little thing in society that offends them? The irony is that while they are so busy fighting for inclusion and “equality,” they are imposing their views on those with a heterosexual perspective. My pre-teen daughter has been constantly bombarded with overt displays of homosexuality for years. It distresses me because I do not wish for her to believe that “gay is the way.”

Everyone has the right to believe what they wish. Who am I to judge whether homosexuals were born with their orientation or not? Throughout my academic and professional careers I have interacted with homosexuals; however, to me they were just people. I wasn’t stuck on their sexuality; just like I would hope when someone sees me they look beyond the color of my skin. I could care less about what they do in their daily lives until their way of life INVADES mine. I censor what my daughter watches on television and what music she listens to. I don’t allow her to watch booty shaking music videos or movies with explicit content like cursing, nudity, or sexuality. When I buy hip-hop CDs for myself, I get the edited, “clean” versions from Wal-mart. Yet, I cannot even watch network shows with my daughter without trying to downplay why two women are on the screen kissing each other or a man is dressed in drag (i.e., “America’s Next Top Model”). Or worse, your child asks you to go over a friend’s house and you agree because she says her friend’s mom will be watching them and you have met the mom on many, many occasions, only to find out later that it was the “other” mom you have never met.

It’s a fact of life that there are minorities and sub-cultures in a dominant mainstream society. I’m an African American, but have chosen to instill diversity and multiculturalism in my child because that is a true reflection of the world; not bigotry to support my pro-blackness. Her connection with her ancestry and heritage is up to me. I don’t expect society to teach her how special she is. I’m a Christian; however, I believe in religious freedom and don’t think that one’s views or beliefs should be imposed on another because I would hate for someone to tell me that I couldn’t believe in Jesus. So I say, gay rights? What about straight rights?

About the Author:

Ceci Bell resides in Tallahassee, Florida. A military brat, she graduated from Niceville High School and Florida State University. She has a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing and an M.S. in English Education. Passionate about writing, she is an adjunct college English instructor and the editor of DrumBeats, an online magazine ( For more information about the author, visit

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