By: Carolyn Hileman

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to converse with some of the people whom the dream act will benefit as they decided unwittingly to come to the Voice and tell us what a wonderful thing this bill is and how we should walk in their shoes for a while and feel sorry for them, sorry I am all out of sympathy for freeloaders. Things were rocking along very smoothly until I mentioned some of the hardships we Americans have and then let me tell you they had all sorts of advice for me about how my daughter should be proud to take out a loan while they are telling us to legalize them and give them federal grants.

They brought in friends and I brought in friends and it is still a pretty hot topic although I think my last comment may shut them up for a few minutes until they can come up with another name to call me and my daughter. That is however how these people operate, first they try and make you feel guilty for wanting the laws of the land enforced, then if you don’t start sobbing and hand them the keys to everything you own they will bring in their friends who will tell you how they work much harder than you do, that they study longer than you do and how you have had everything and they have had nothing and now you owe them something.

When that does not work they start talking tough and start trying to make you feel bad about being an American, they try and get in your face and intimidate you into giving them everything they want and think it is your idea the whole time. Now I will admit when I first started this cause I was concerned for my safety and the safety of my family but since then my backbone has strengthened and I have come to the point I really am not afraid of any of these people simply because they are no different than any other terrorists, they terrorize that is what they are good at. Oh, I know they could find me I also know that we have around four guns, five people and we all know how to use them so darn I ain’t scared.

My Daddy did not fight for this country so that I could lay down and roll over and allow just anyone to waltz in here and take over and Daddy I am not about to let them. I know that you tried to tell me about this when I was younger and I didn’t listen, and I know that because I was strong headed and would not listen it has gotten worse today But Daddy we are fighting now and you would be so proud, The American people have stood up to those people who would try and take our country away and they have done it with so much intensity that our government now knows we mean business, I am just sorry it took us so long.

I don’t know about you but I am sick of hearing how we who happen to be American citizens are spoiled and how we owe anything to these people how we should walk a mile in their shoes, well I am not about to put on their shoes simply because I don’t plan to cross any border illegally and I don’t plan to walk up to anyone and by someone else’s social security card and I don’t plan to walk into a job every single day knowing I am living a lie, nope sorry I just can’t do that. So put your damn flag in your house people this is AMERICA, it is not any other country and you are pissing off a lot of red blooded Americans with your will to shove that damn thing down our throats and your little marches are not scaring us they are pissing us off, and pissed off Americans pick up phones and we call those lazy people up in Washington and we tell them not no but hell no. So if any of you wish to come to the Voice and try and intimidate me or if you wish to come to my home all I have to say is BRING IT ON!

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