A Jena Six “Why” Revealed

By: Bob Parks

There are many aspects of the Jena Six saga that have slowly come to light. Some very pertinent questions are beginning to be answered. The answers will probably be brushed aside as it goes against the very template some use to exploit race in what was a law enforcement matter.

I have taken the position that the six young boys involved shouldn’t have put themselves in the situation they now find themselves. Sure, they are young, hotheaded, and they initial gestures made by the white kids who hung the nooses should never have been excused, or treated as lightly as they were.

But in a report I saw on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” portrayed Jena as a small community where people did get along. Sure, it wasn’t a utopia, but when the opportunists got a chance to thrust themselves into the story, it blew up into the power keg that justified the participation of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It’s always unfortunate that these two can come in, join in a well-publicized and media covered event, just to leave the infiltrated township more divided than before
the events that started it all happened.

“While we applaud the actions of Louisiana’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals last Friday (Sept. 14) vacating the conviction of Mychal Bell, this is only a first step to address the human rights issues in this case. Authorities must take immediate further action to ensure that the overall culture of the school respects human rights and promotes understanding across communities.”
– Ajamu Baraka, executive director of the U.S. Human Rights Network, 9/19

I asked myself why District Attorney Reed Walters set the bails so high on these young boys involved in what could be construed as a simple schoolyard fight? I asked myself why some of the high profile, “well meaning” media liberals like Amy Goodman saw fit to allow some of the young boys they were advocating for languish in jail? I asked myself where’s Oprah, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Andrew Young, and the rest of those who are so sensitive to racism issues, and why has only David Bowie stepped forward publicly to date and offered a sizable donation to the boy’s defense fund? Why haven’t any of these millionaire activists bailed the kids out?

Why was bail denied for the young high school football star Mychal Bell?

“This is the most blatant example of disparity in the justice system that we’ve seen. You can’t have two standards of justice. We didn’t bring race in it. Those that hung the nooses brought the race into it.”
– Rev. Al Sharpton on CBS’s “The Early Show” before arriving in Jena

According to the fore mentioned activists, it was all about racism. It was a white town persecuting young black boys. It was a white school committee that overturned the expulsion of the white kids who hung the nooses. It was about a white kid who justifiably got his ass kicked for calling the young boys “nigger”. It was about a racist white D.A. who railroaded the young black boys, once again calling into question the fairness and integrity of the criminal justice system. Once again,
according to the Goodmans, Jacksons, and Sharptons of the world, it was all about racism.

Again I asked, if these acclaimed activists know these kids were set up with one being in jail for months, why wasn’t bailed out? What didn’t we know?

“It is not and never has been about race. It is about finding justice for an innocent victim and holding people accountable for their actions.”
– District Attorney Reed Walters, 9/20

As it turns out, a bond hearing revealed that Mychal Bell has a history of juvenile scrapes with the law, one of which involved him punching out a 17-year-old girl.

I know this will come off as piling on the victim, but as I wrote in my first piece on this subject, it’s the choices these boys made that put them in this situation. The little dickheads who put the nooses on the tree in the first place would have to live with their prank, and walk around with their heads on a swivel, for the rest of their lives. The expulsions-turned-suspensions would be something in their academic record they’d have to answer for. The tree where the nooses were white kids hung out and the nooses were hung was cut down. This was an ugly incident, but the town of Jena, Louisiana could have moved on.

Instead Amy Goodman, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the thousands they enraged descended on this small town, implied every white there is a racist and every black is a victim. When the ends justify the means, the truth can be a victim as well.

According to the Louisiana Weekly, “The Rev. Al Sharpton told the Associated Press Thursday that he and Reps. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and William Jefferson, D-La., will press the House Judiciary Committee this week to summon Jena district attorney Reed Walters to explain his actions before Congress.”

Should those hearing happen, it may be more embarrassing to those seeking “justice” as there are facts associated with this case they either ignorant of or just plain ignored.

In the future when these people are involved in their next cause, I would hope people would be cautious as to their motives. For them, the truth may be an inconvenience, so we may not hear it at first, if at all. If it creates a thick tension in the air that the residents they visit have to live with long after they’re gone, so be it.

This is why I’m a cynic when it comes to these people and their motives. I called this a classic example of “blaxploitation”. I rest my case.

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, Senior Writer with the New Media Journal, VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Senior Writer for the New Media Alliance, and VP of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly

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