Help for children or an extension of chain migration???

By: Carolyn Hileman

We have some good news on the dream act front in that Dick Durbin cannot get the sixty votes needed to pass this trash, however, in order to make the poison pill go down a little easier he has decided not to force the states to give in state tuition to illegal immigrants and that they can only be thirty and under to take advantage of the dream act and he plans on having this voted on next week. I was sitting Friday waiting for my son to get out of school, as I watched the kids filing by I had a moment of wonder as to how maybe we could help the children, but then it hit me what they are really up to.

This has absolutely nothing to do with education but it would be icing on the cake, this is nothing more than an extension of chain migration. Once these children have been given their conditional status or green cards it will be almost impossible to deport any of their parents, you can almost hear it now, you can’t separate families… Once again the American people are duped in to trying to do what is right for the kids and all the while they are being taken advantage of.

This does not include that anyone up to the age of thirty one can walk in and say that they were brought here illegally as a child and automatically have their status changed, they say there are going to be safeguards, that they will have to present proof and I believe we have learned in the past few years that any proof can be bought at a price. It is especially ridiculous that Dick Durbin has the audacity to try and add this to defense bill, this man is about to try and insure that not only any illegal immigrant age thirty and under will be granted legal status he is also about to make sure that we can not deport any parent of those newly helped individuals. And he is going to do it right in front of our faces while attempting to deny our troops the pay raise they deserve.

This man is telling the American people that either we legalize these people, give them federal grant money for college that come from our tax dollars or our troops will not get the pay raise they deserve and have worked so very hard for. This is beyond the pale, sticking legislation that can only serve to weaken our defenses on legislation that is supposed to secure our defenses, this is heinous, this is treasonous, and he will never be touched because he belongs to the beloved, media darlings the democrats. I am sorry but I really think they might wish to rethink the bring them home stuff, because I am just betting that after this there are going to be some very angry people who know how to use guns and raise hell and they just might go looking for some of those people who sent them to war with every intention of pulling the rug out from underneath them.

So there you have it, our government at its finest, tacking unpopular legislation on a defense bill, holding pay raises, armor vehicles and other needed defense hostage so that they can pander to people who came into this country illegally and doing it all with our tax dollars. I say enough is enough, I say it is time for this crap to stop, I say they need to fully fund our troops and they need to stop trying to shove amnesty down our throats and if you wish to say this as well you can simply call this number 1-866-340-9281 ask for your senator or talk to them all, but it is high time they heard from the people who ae paying them and started working for us for a change.

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