Does America Need Enlightenment from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

By: John Lillpop

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that America’s institutions of higher learning are clamoring for the opportunity to explain free speech, democracy, basic human rights, equal rights for women and minorities, and other western concepts to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Unfortunately, the leftist goons at Columbia University are hosting the terrorist leader with quite another objective in mind.

Specifically, the intellectual lefties at Columbia see the Ahmadinejad visit as an opportunity for American students to learn the truth about the middle east, American military aggression, the illegal occupation of Iraq, and the evil nature of President George W. Bush.

In other words, Ahmadinejad owns the higher moral hand. America is the real terrorist state as well as the greatest threat to humanity on the globe.

We Americans need to listen to Ahmadinejad for enlightenment.

For his part, President Ahmadinejad stated that the American people are eager for different opinions about the world, and he is looking forward to providing them with “correct and clear information.”


An urgent message needs to be delivered to both President Ahmadinejad and the leftist buffoons running Columbia University:

Wiping Israel off the face of the globe and murdering millions of Jews only because they are Jewish are not new ideas or opinions. America fought and won a world war to defeat those hateful concepts and the murderous thugs who killed six million Jews in the Holocaust.

The Holocaust, by the way, is a fact of history that Ahmadinejad refuses to admit, but apparently would like to emulate.

Bottom Line: Americans do not need to hear from Ahmadinejad or Columbia University to have “correct and clear information.”

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