Terrorist Allowed Hate Speech Forum while US Groups Banned-Part II

By: Sher Zieve

With yet another example of ‘black is now white’, ‘good is now bad and bad is good’, ‘apples are oranges’ and ‘terrorists are to be supported while groups protecting the US will be shunned’, leftist Columbia University President Lee Bollinger is standing by his decision to give Iranian terrorist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a forum to deliver his destroy – the – US – and – kill – all – Jews – and – non – Muslims diatribe at the once respected college. However, Columbia U has banned the ROTC and the Minutemen—both US protectorate groups. Instead, Columbia’s Dean of its School of International and Public Affairs, John Coatsworth, joined Bollinger’s inane decision when responded to a reporter’s question “Of course we’d invite Adolph Hitler to speak!”

That pretty much clinches it. Columbia University, appearing to fully representing the leftist academic complex, has decided to give terrorists an opportunity to spout their hatred for the United States of America and work toward gaining student-recruits from US campuses. This is not “free speech.” Rather, it is the allowance of hate speech that openly encourage the overthrow and destruction of the USA. Bollinger and his lackeys seem to believe it is an important message that must be preached—while he denies legitimate US protectorate organizations any pulpit at all.

This lunacy on the part of the Left has been ongoing for at least a generation. The results can be observed in the newly mind-numbed and brainwashed collegiate class of students. These same students may not have a clue as to where states within the USA are located but, on command, they can recite: “US bad—enemies of US good.” Nowadays, this is what college tuition buys their parents.

The issues—so say our leftist leaders—revolve around “academic freedom.” Not so. Academic freedom plays no part in this. Instead, it is the Left’s desire to support the enemies of the US. This support used to be clandestine and then it was tacit. But, now it is overt and out in the open for all to observe. Our universities and colleges have become recruitment sources for all those who wish to overthrow the US republic. These include race-based groups such as La Raza and Islamist terrorist organizations. Unfortunately, many of our elected “leaders”—including Democrat presidential candidates who apparently want the Hispanic and terrorist vote—support their effort.

With the exception of its original formation, there has never been a time in our history when the United States of America was in the abject jeopardy that it finds itself today. Said jeopardy is being employed from its enemies from without and within its shores. On a daily basis, the destruction of our religious and social traditions is underway from the Left, Islamist and race-based terrorists. Note: Far too many of our leaders are either allowing or ignoring the destruction. They’re too busy looking for their next funding source.

And speaking of funding sources, are there any Columbia University deep-pockets alumni out there who want to stop this most recent insanity at their alma mater? If so, it may be wise to immediately advise President Bollinger of your disagreement with his allow-terrorists-to-speak-and-recruit-on-campus policy. Sometimes, money—or the lack thereof—speaks volumes.


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxmEGsOkEVc




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