America – Politically Correct or Morally Incorrect

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By: Tom Bosse

Six years ago on September 11, 2001, we witnessed the greatest disaster on American soil in its 225 year history. Two years later, on August 27, 2003, we witnessed another tragedy in America. Judge Roy Moore defied the federal courts in an attempt to preserve the foundation of this nation—The Ten Commandments. Once again, on August 29, 2005, America witnessed another great disaster; this time in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. The question is—which of these three was the greatest disaster? It would seem natural to answer 9-11 or New Orleans, but please consider the following article written September 1, 2003.

“Was Judge Moore Right”“Was Judge Roy Moore wrong to disobey a higher court’s order? Was the federal court justified to order a state Supreme Court Justice to go against his principles? The answer remains in the heart of the observer. Ironically, whichever side of the fence you stand, you lose. If you agree with Judge Moore, you lose because the Ten Commandment’s Monument is already removed. If you stand with the federal court, you also lose, because you witnessed along with other recent events, the dwindling of America.

Why do so many in our generation want to remove any mention of God from anything public. To pinpoint the answer to that question we must go back forty four years ago to a time another group of federal Supreme Court justices agreed with a woman offended because children said prayers in schools. Over time, more decisions issued forth in hopes of not offending anyone. Certainly, the most offensive offender of all is The Ten Commandments. God should have known better than to give them to us.
For two years, we have escaped another major disaster or terrorist act on America’s soil. When another disaster comes, will we again call upon God as we did two years ago and six years ago, or will He find us too busy removing Him from our nation? Can we keep singing God bless America when no one will stand up for our heritage as judge Moore did? Nine-eleven was a wake-up call, but it seems we are going back to sleep.

We need only look at history to see the consequence of nation’s void of God. Was judge Moore trying to push his religious beliefs on others or did he have more wisdom than the other judges by trying to keep America’s Protector (God) from removing His hand over our blessed nation? In 1962, they removed prayer from schools. In 2003, will they remove God from this nation? Nineteen sixty-two is history. Today there is still hope, but we must make a choice. Either face the possibility of our children and grandchildren growing up without God, or take a stand for God and tell our leaders to restore America to one nation under God once again.”

To give a recount of that article at this time is intended merely as a reminder that things have not changed since then regarding the morality issues in America, and in fact they have only gotten worse. Among others things, in the wake of hurricane Katrina, the state of California’s legislative branch voted to approve sanctions of same sex marriages. Still perhaps the most shocking of all was the news that several Christian denominations either approved or considered approving same sex marriages even after Jesus plainly stated in the gospel (Matthew 19:4-5) that marriage is between a man and a woman. Truly America, the Church and its leaders need to do a great deal of soul searching at this time.

Like most Americans, I was awestruck and deeply moved while watching the events unfolding in and around New Orleans. After observing the saga of New Orleans coupled with recent events in the Middle-East, I believe what we have witnessed in New Orleans is only a foreshadow of how the Rapture will play out and what we might expect should another future disaster occur in America. Certainly the most powerful message projected during the Hurricane Katrina disaster was the necessity to prepare and evacuate; before, and not after the storm arrives. Still, as the words of King Solomon declare, “There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.” History is our compass to reveal our past mistakes. Let us not repeat, but learn from them.

Tom Bosse is a lay minister, independent writer and author of a book entitled, “The Unveiling of the Trinity.”

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