Are War Heroes Passé

By: Ken Hughes

We hear politicians say how they support and honor our man and women serving in the military, but do they? When we see or hear of something pertaining to the military happening in Iraq or Afghanistan it’s usually something of a negative nature. World War II may have been the last war to produce real live heroes. There was a time in America’s history when the slightest infraction was cause to take up arms. We were a proud nation and people just don’t mess with proud nations. Most of America’s wars have been fought for honor, not much more. With victory came hero’s who justified our national pride, something that seems to have disappeared or has simply been forgotten.

The war on terror without a doubt has produced one of the most brutal enemies this nation has ever faced. They’re not an army of combatants they are an army of barbaric murders. Life is as meaningless to the terrorists and a scorpion running across the sand. Young men and women volunteer to go to places with unspeakable living conditions to fight these barbarians. They say it’s to protect America secretly it’s the blood of their warrior ancestors flowing through their vanes demanding to be recognized. It’s a way of looking in the mirror everyday for the rest of their lives knowing they are men and women who’ve earned the right to be proud of them selves. A pride they can pass on to future generations.

What will those men who evaded the Vietnam War by going to Canada tell their children when asked how they served their country? What about those anti-war freaks who call our soldiers butchers. How can they instill pride in future generations when there’s no pride to instill. For some reason war has gotten a bad name and it’s been passed on to our military. There was a time when parades where held in honor of returning hero’s, then there came a time when they were spat on. Now they are simply ignored as though their service was nothing.

The military is a culture unto its self, when dependents of our military speak of family they are speaking of their military family. It’s a culture where “We always come before I”. It’s a culture where families accept sacrifice as a way of life. It’s a culture where men are willingly gives their life for a fellow soldier. This kind of person isn’t bought and paid for this kind of a sense of duty comes from the heart, it’s neither taught nor inherited it comes from within. These men and women will have something to pass on to future generations, while our politicians and the anti-war crowd will most likely lie to their grandchildren about their courageous youth.

We owe these men and women more than mere gratitude, when the need arose they were there willing to put on a uniform pick up a rifle and march off to the battlefield to avenge Americas honor and to prevent the next attack on my home and theirs. It’s been a long standing American tradition to support the underdog so to speak. The liberals among us don’t get it, diplomacy and negations only work after the military has done their job, bullies never negotiate with cowards. Bullies negotiate when strength overwhelms them and they become the cowards.

We owe these young men and women more than we can ever give, most of all we owe them our respect. The media owes them more positive coverage and less negativity. The few incidents of American brutality are certainly news, as are the thousands of positive acts of generosity and self sacrifice also news. Only the media can presented one side without mentioning the other. We know about the seamier side of war now tell us about the hero’s and their spectacular deeds for a change, they’ve earned it.

We owe these fine young men and women and their sacrificing families the best dammed steak dinner available from the best environment destroying co2 producing, farting bovine we can find.

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