Democracy Freedom And Our ForeFathers

By: Guest Authors

By: Ors Veress

Democracy, or freedom, isn’t free. Our forefathers fought their wars with the blood of sons and fathers, yet we fail to see how in the world we cant spread a democratic freedom to another nation. I don’t stand for all policies that this current administration stands for. But realize the precious freedoms blood that was split in earlier times.

Yes some will die most do this I believe because they know in an existence where we are so small, as a small being can make a difference that will be our legacy. Don’t let politics from right or left divert the fact that peoples suppressed by tyrants need freedoms, freedoms forgotten in our day to day lives. This isn’t a crusade or a war on terror. This is a war against a tyrant or a group of tyrants. You cannot leave the Iraqi’s to the own devices for they only now how to instill fear and to fear.

Give them the chance to realize there strength as well as our compassion. Let them realize that they to can fight the rebels that fight for chaos. They may not seem to want us there but they do appreciate. You only hear the bad, the fear, the death. There is success. This isn’t a war of attrition this is a guerrilla war Be patient with a government who was unprepared for a war were the lines are crossed and most of the time not even there.

Support the Iraqi people in there struggle as well as our troops in there fight helping these people. It is about just men and women not of race nation or creed. Since we are largely a Christian people remember Christ “do unto others as you would want done unto you.” This doesn’t always mean they will do to you as you want, but you must stay vigilant as to the philosophy of The Christian heart. Sometimes doing the right thing is a hard pill to swallow sometimes it is painful.

Many American sons and fathers are dying there sacrifice is there glory. I am an American proud to know that we stand for the many who don’t have choice. I’m happy to live here in freedom. One nation, under God that stands for Liberty and Justice for All. I have Pride.

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