Rush Limbaugh, Red Meat To Tough To Chew

By: Ken Hughes

Rush couldn’t buy the publicity Congressional Liberals are giving him. It seems liberals would learn by now they shouldn’t take on someone who has nothing to fear or lose. Rush Limbaugh is one of the most popular talk show hosts in the country. With each attack his popularity grows. Put that up against a congress with an 11% approval rating or to put it another way an 89% disapproval rating and who do we think will come out ahead, who wins?

Several Democratic congressmen most notably Senate majority leader Harry Reid are fabricating allegations against Rush Limbaugh they are guilty of themselves. The “phony soldier” allegations they’re making against Rush have been used by several congress men and women in the past [except as derogatory allegations.] Perhaps not in those words but their meaning is without question just as demeaning. Harry Reid the little twit from Los Vegas Nevada has more allegations of impropriety against him than can be counted even if we take off both shoes Harry Reid is a demagogue without shame.

I head Rush Limbaugh’s remarks and there’s no way they can be construed as showing the slightest disrespect for our soldiers. This is the Democratic leadership playing politics at its very worst. The public hasn’t seen this much skullduggery in congress since the Joe McCarthy hearings. The 110th congress under the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi has spent the entire 9 months on a witch-hunt rather than attending to the nations business. Is it they don’t know how to lead or is it they simply don’t care, are they seeing this as an opportunity to stick it to Republicans, if so they’re sticking it to the voters as well and we don’t like it.

There are some very serious problems in this country that need congresses attention and playing got-ch-ya with the Republicans isn’t one of them. The founding fathers never intended partisan politics should be dominant in congress. It was never intended for congress to become a battlefield of ideologies. Congress was intended to be the spokesman for the people congress has drifted a long way away from their stated purpose.

Rush Limbaugh and thousands like him who are spokesman for the new information age are in danger of being silenced, what the critics can’t do legislatively they will try to do by innuendo and frivolous allegations trying to turn the public against us. It obviously isn’t working writers with a purpose aren’t easily intimidated by the likes of mental midgets. Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Murtha, Dick Durbin, Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry just to mention a few have all stood in the congressional chambers denigrating our soldiers with serious but false accusations. Where was the Media outrage then, where was the call for patriotism and support for the men and women serving this country then?

The senate is going after Rush Limbaugh for something he didn’t say, not even out of contest. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have raised over 175 million dollars in political contributions, doesn’t that seem odd to anyone this early in the campaign those two can come up with such astronomical amounts of money? I for one wonder just how much is coming from China and the Islamic countries, those two candidates have close associations with both China and Islam. Both are advocates of a negotiated surrender in the war on terror over victory. It’s cause for me to question their motives for going after those with the courage to speak out on the issues and allowing others the freedom to trash this great country.

For the past twenty years the Liberal left has been trying to silence Rush Limbaugh. They haven’t been able to do it legislatively, through the lefts media outlets, through National Public Radio or Public TV. They’ve even tried to compete in the commercial arena, in every case they fail. Rush Limbaugh becomes more popular with the public with each attack. Some in congress have even gone so far as to try to have him banned from Armed Forces Radio depriving our men and women in uniform the same privilege most American citizens have. Censorship over what our troops can and can’t hear is about as un-American as it gets. Is this to say some of our members of congress are un-American in their actions, [dammed straight it is.]

Rush Limbaugh and free speech will survive these vicious attacks from the left. The liberals can’t silence what God has ordained, individual rights and choices. “We the People” will never become subjects of a dictatorial government of socialists who are out to dominate life in these United States. We are a proud and tolerant people we are not a stupid people.

When you go to vote in 2008 a vote for president isn’t as important as voting the old congress out and electing men and women who can think in terms of the 21st century. Let’s rid congress of the mentally incapacitated Senior Citizens.

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