Think Again

By: Carolyn Hileman

You live in a nice neighborhood, nicely trimmed lawns, perfectly landscaped, pool in the back yard it is you’re little piece of heaven on earth. You have heard all of the mess about illegal immigration but to be frank it does not affect you so why should you get involved? You’re neighborhood is zoned, there is no way they could ever afford to buy a house in you’re neighborhood, think again.

Aviles, borrowed the entire purchase price of $615,000 from Washington Mutual at a high interest rate typical of sub-prime loans. The monthly payment, as he says he understood it, would be $3,600 — steep for a glass cutter who made $9 an hour — but Aviles counted on his wife and three of his six daughters, who also worked low-paying jobs, to contribute. “We took out our pencils, figured out our take-home pay and figured out that if we all pitched in, it would work,” said Aviles, 54, a stoop-shouldered, soft-spoken man with a sixth-grade education from Mexico. Relying on the broker’s word, he signed loan documents written in English, a language he neither speaks nor reads, Aviles said. He was shocked to learn afterward that the monthly payment would not be $3,600, but $4,800 — a price that forced him to rent out bedrooms, the garage and an enclosed porch while he and his wife slept on the couch. He fed his family with food from friends and corn he grew.

$615,000 steep by most Americans budget but then again we don’t tend to house ten to twenty families to a home. One has to wonder what the neighbors thought when suddenly they were parking several more cars in the driveway and more on the road, not to mention the corn crop. By the way he is now five months behind on his payment which I think serves Washington Mutual right, but one has to wonder whose credit rating he is ruining now, perhaps some child who is not even out of diapers yet or some old man or woman who worked all of their, paid all of their bills only to find out later the credit they had worked so hard to maintain is now ruined. All so they could live right next to you, in you’re pristine neighborhoods and your manicured drive so they could live the American dream a dream that belongs to an American perhaps the one whose social security number they used to borrow the money they can not repay now.

Perhaps when that van load of illegal immigrants pulls up in that drive of that vacant house across the street those who have been fighting this so long without any help from you will still have the energy to fight. It is possible that when they start partying in the streets and have all their friends over to have drinks they won’t pull out the guns and start firing them; it is possible that you will not see goats and chickens running through you’re freshly landscaped yards. I doubt that you will tolerate them standing out front and relieving themselves and you’re tires are good so an occasional beer bottle in the road shouldn’t bother them much, the gang signs on the road signs are just to mark their territory it really has nothing to do with you. Besides if you are really lucky you can get one of those people to do your lawn and laundry.

So you thought you had no dog in this race, you thought you had it made after all they are just poor struggling immigrants who can barely afford a room much less a home. They never bothered you, they couldn’t afford to. So go back to you’re pool and parties content that you will never have to deal with this issue. You honestly believe it can’t happen there, think again

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