Goodbye General Robert E. Lee, [Part Two]

By: Ken Hughes

Mr. Calvin Johnson wrote a splendid article critiquing the accomplishments of this great General who served the Union as passionately as he served the South prior to the Civil War.

Mr. Johnson neglected to mention Arlington National Cemetery is where Robert E. Lees Plantation was once located. After the war all of his property along with his citizenship was confiscated. He lived his remaining years as a virtual prisoner of war as far as government records were concerned, in reality he was considered one of Americas great hero’s by north and south. President Gerald Ford pardoned General Lee and in 1975 his citizenship was resorted by an act of congress.

I don’t mean to take anything from Mr. Johnson’s article I thought it was important to know how General Lee’s legacy continues to serve as one of the nations most sacred memorials. General Less was a man of duty, honor and country, let no one question his motives or his patriotism.

Thanks to Mr. Calvin Johnson for the opportunity to add something to General Lee’s legacy.

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