Which is More Humane – Limited Strike or Financial Trade War with Iran?

By: Lance Winslow

Many folks disturbed at the Iraq War are asking for the US Government to give peace a chance in Iran; “no war” they chant. The truth is no one wants another war, certainly not like the Iraq Conflict. The War was not so bad, but the peace-keeping part is a little costly and hard to take in Iraq.

One Think Tank Online has come to the conclusion that the United States Military needs a 72-hour military strike with 23,000 sorties to take out the Chinese medium range ICBMs, the Russian anti-aircraft missile launchers, nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities and the million man Iranian Army (300,000 are sworn suicide bombers). Still, opposition to this military strike comes hard as peaceful demonstrations chant; “No War in Iran!”

Yet, in all of this sound and fury and the chaos and controversy, which permeates our media the reality is that a limited “first strike” preemption, Karl von Clauswitz style with two aircraft carriers, Iraqi bases, fly-overs from Turkey, advances from Afghanistan, the job could be done within 3-days max and over with.

A prolonged financial war with Iran, only hurts the nations economy and the people there. Yes, it appears we have no choice, either economic warfare or full-on strike. Grant Smith, an International Consultant to nations, noted that Ahmadinejad has been traveling to Bolivia, Venezuela, Nigeria to secure trade deals to counteract the financial assault on their markets. Any nation choosing to go against the US, will pay a huge and hefty price as we close our markets to them.

Venezuela sells 180 Billion Dollars worth of exports to the United States, Bolivia has aid coming in from us and if that dries up, they will be hurting. Under economic sanctions, Funds also cannot invest in anything that is assisting Iran. This is a huge hit to Iran and it will cause Ahmadinejad to lose favor, even if he temporarily uses this hardship to build up anti-US sentiment amongst Iranian citizens.

Nevertheless, nation-states like Iran that sponsor international terrorism can never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. It is something that must be done. One thing I want everyone to consider is that a 72-hour air war with Iran will end all of these issues a lot faster, with less hardship to the Iranian citizens who are respected by the US. It’s just their leadership that is that big problem. It is time for the world to grow up.

Sometimes war is better in the long-run, especially if it is done and over quickly and peace can be made afterwards. It is a lot like the tough love in a family. It is time to lay down the letter of the law, our world cannot allow a future with entire nations under the treat of nuclear attack from terrorists. Sincerely, Lance. Additional information on this topic at; http://www.irmep.org

L. Winslow is an Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur http://www.worldthinktank.net Currently he is planning a bicycle ride across the US to raise money for charity and is sponsored by http://www.Calling-Plans.com and all the proceeds will go to various charities who sign up.

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