Dr. James Dobson Caught Between a Rock and the other Rock

By: Rev. Bresciani

In a surprising move Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family announced in an op-ed in the New York Times that he and some 50 colleagues met and discussed what position they would take in the upcoming Presidential race.

According to a report on Fox news October 9, 2007 Dobson said “If neither of the two major political parties nominates an individual who pledges himself or herself to the sanctity of human life, we will join others in voting for a minor party candidate. Those agreeing with the proposition were invited to stand, and the result was almost unanimous.”

No less than three times in his interview with Dr. Dobson on October 9, Sean Hannity disclosed to Dr. Dobson the dreadful result of a completed “Rasmussen poll” which clearly indicated that any split in the vote for the top front runners would result in a landslide victory for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Dobson’s reply to Hannity was obviously labored and he repeated several times that his decision was based on “principle.” Dobson seemed immovable in his decision and although he was open to hear arguments to contrary he was going to allow himself to be bound by his decision.

It is understandable that Dobson’s almost lifelong battle as a pro-life and pro-family advocate would drive him to reject any candidate that didn’t take a firm position on these issues. Unfortunately he can only make these decisions for himself and not for Focus on the Family because non-profits cannot endorse political candidates.

For many evangelical Christians this can only result in disappointment. If Dr. Dobson were allowed to use the full weight of his organization a grass roots movement might be able to significantly raise the chances of a minor party candidate. Limited by 501-C rules Dobson can speak for himself alone.

The appointment of judges like Alito and Scalia for the Supreme Court is what is foremost on the minds of many evangelicals. The battle to overturn Roe v Wade would be driven back to the starting line if Hillary wins but Dr. Dobson says that would only mean that the battle goes on.

If it were only that a candidate needed a perfect record for pro-life and pro-family someone like the “other African American” candidate would fit the bill easily, namely Ambassador Alan Keyes. In his third bid for the Presidency he hasn’t wavered once on his stand. But the machinery for the front runners has a life of its own and it would take a major effort to re-focus the attention of the American voter away from the status quo. This is what grass roots movements are all about.

Again, “Focus on the Family” and none of the organizations represented by the 50 leaders who agreed with Dr. Dobson in Salt Lake City recently can be engaged in any grass roots activity because of their non-profit status. This tosses the entire issue back into the realm of choosing between the lesser of two evils for most evangelicals.

Dr. Dobson is caught between a rock and his “Rock,” which for him is Jesus Christ and the Biblical message that clearly upholds the sanctity of life and the family. He can only be admired for his firm stand but his position solves nothing for the rest of evangelical Christianity. The only way Christians can raise the prospects of a minor candidate would be to join with a grass roots organization or create some of their own but apart from a non-profit base for the support of the best candidate.

Dobson tried repeatedly to assuage Hannity’s concerns over his decision to stand firm reminding the newsman that we still have a year to go before Americans take to the polls. Anything can happen and often does in American politics. One thing that could happen is that Giuliani may not be able to topple Hillary in his best effort. Even Hannity, who is a staunch Rudolphian, seems to understand this possibility.

Evangelicals, Catholics and believers across the board in America are beginning to think that we are in a deep moral decline that no one’s politics can pull us out of. It is no less true that history has proven that moral decline and upheavalous politics go hand in hand. It behooves the believer to take the present conflict in politics as serious as any other aspect of good stewardship. To be informed and prayerful about our choices in this very important election time is as important to its outcome as all else we may do in service to the Lord.

Few have not heard the adage that “the best way to allow evil men to take power is to do nothing at all” but few are familiar with an equally important bit of sage that says “If you don’t do anything to keep evil men from power, then you get what you deserve.”

The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. 2Samuel 23:3

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