It is all related

By: Carolyn Hileman

The siege on America did not start when they marched in our streets; it started in the Supreme Court when they decided that if a company could pay more taxes they could take a person’s personal property. Since then lenders have opened up their large pocket books to people who have no ID, no real proof of residency and no lawful reason to be here. The President signed into law while we were busy fighting the big amnesty bill his right to take over the country should a riot take place, in simple terms what this means is he has the power in the case of a declared emergency to seize property.

The democrats who threw such a fit about the wiretapping suddenly are not concerned about the fact that our president has emergency powers in place and one would have to wonder if he was able to do this all along why wait till now? Why not use those powers during Katrina? Why is it important for him to have those powers now and why do the democrats suddenly not care? If you take a look at the world around you, you will be shocked at the number of times our federal judges have ruled against the people in case after case they have sided with non citizens quoting laws and rights that belong only to citizens.

The president who is supposedly cracking down on illegal immigration is in secret rewriting law so that they can come in as farm hands and no one is up in arms about it. The people who told us wiretapping was bad and that we were to good to torture people now suddenly has no problem with the president rewriting laws and giving himself executive powers. I am not much on conspiracy theories but one must stop and wonder what in the Hell is going on here? The last time the democrats and the president worked together it was to bring us the comprehensive amnesty bill and it would appear they are working together now in an even more secretive way than before and it simply cannot be good for the people.

If you give it some real thought it does not take much to imagine that since most of the illegal immigrants live several families to a household they would simply start taxing by the amount of people in a home, therefore if they wished to buy your home they could at an amount they deemed reasonable and you would have to accept that amount because it is the law. They can borrow the money simply because most of the major lenders will give it to them no questions asked as in the case of Aviles, who borrowed the entire purchase price of $615,000 from Washington Mutual at a high interest rate. With lending power and the Supreme Court ruling behind them and no federal judge that will allow them to be ejected from our country they could very well own our country in a very short amount of time.

From this standpoint the American people have become useless to our government; we are no longer viable in affect we are considered brain dead and they are getting ready to pull the plug. Each party sees in these new people a fresh start, people who will increase the seats in the house and will possibly be a voter’s block they can attract if they are seen to be immigrant friendly. They see a younger population that can work longer and harder and for less money. They see us as old and tired and grouchy and they are about to replace us with the newer model. If you do not keep up with this on a daily basis you are apt to get your information in bits and pieces which is just exactly what the major media wants since they are the major backers of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party are the major backers of the immigrant party. They do not want you to see anymore than necessary or you may start to ask the tough questions, you might figure out what is going on and try to stop it. The republicans save for a few whose motto is less government, and the people know best have suddenly decided the people know nothing and that they must override the power of the people for our own good. When both parties are sounding exactly alike, when federal judges rule for non citizens, when the Supreme Court is handing out the keys to our homes and banks are financing the take over what are we supposed to think, it is all related.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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