Harry Reid’s Rush Limbaugh Vendetta Fails

By: Ken Hughes

In another attempt at censorship Harry Reid and 41 United States Senators used their official positions to invalidate the first amendment and have a private citizen silenced. The first seven articles of the constitution determine how congress, the president and the courts will conduct themselves. The 27 amendments spells out the individuals rights, the first right is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It’s generally assumed freedom of the press has been extended to the electronic media. Rush Limbaugh is as much a part of the electronic media as anyone on any of the MSM channels.

We question what authority Harry Reid and the 41 Democratic Senators have to violate the first amendment rights [not once but twice] of Rush Limbaugh? Rush Limbaugh is first a citizen and second a journalist by all accepted standards. The senators have no right to send an official senate document to his employer demanding his dismissal. The purpose of congress is not to harass the citizens of this country but to protect them from harassment, which includes those who may disagree with congress.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with Rush Limbaugh it’s his right to speak as long as a network is willing to provide a place for his program and 20 million people are willing to listen to what he has to say. People listen to Rush Limbaugh because they want to, they listen to congress because they have no choice. To contrast the situation, Rush Limbaugh is the most popular Radio Talk Show Host in America, congress on the other hand under the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is at its lowest point of popularity in history.

There’s poetic justice in all this. Finally Harry Reid is going to be compelled to contribute something in support of our troops. The letter on official Senate stationary condemning Rush Limbaugh has been put up for sale on E-bay, [the current top bid is 40 thousand dollars] The proceeds from the sale of the letter will be going to The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. This origination provides collage scholarships to the children of fallen Marines. Rush Limbaugh has been on the board of governors for many years. There’s no record of Dingy Harry ever contributing a cent.

The United States Congress has fallen on hard times. They are so intent on getting revenge for Bill Clinton’s impeachment and Al Gores 2000 presidential defeat it has rendered them virtually incapable of conducting the nations business. They put more effort into silencing a critic than legislation that would prevent thousands of illegal immigrants from crossing our boarders each day. Liberals have removed God from our lives now they want to take Rush away, is there no justice?

How is it possible so many congress persons can be so blinded by partisan politics they no longer know what their job is about? Political correctness has run a-muck. The world isn’t perfect and no group can make it perfect especially when their version of perfect doesn’t sit well with most of those it intends to convert. Along with free speech and a free press America was built on imperfections, no man is required to be subservient to another, when that’s a requirement along with PC and perfection it’s time for change.

Harry Reid and his 41 co-conspirators in the senate took on a Lyon, [a media icon] with a rolled up newspaper, that’s not a battle they can win. Rush Limbaugh has turned the tables on them and rightly so. Harry Reid knew at the outset it was a battle he wasn’t likely to win, he was in it for the publicity. He wrongly believed as many liberals believe Rush Limbaugh is nothing but entertainment. He recalled how easily Don Imus went down, he didn’t count on the fact Rush is syndicated by other than the MSM. Clear Channel Communications has b*lls enough to stand by their man. CBS and MSNBC didn’t, they caved into a Black hip hop preacher [Al Sharpten] out to extort one more Whiteman.

Let’s hope and pray the voters across America are watching and listening to how their congress is performing, or not performing on their behalf. There’s nothing in the constitution that authorizes partisan politics on the floors of congress. The original concept of one congressman one vote, no congressmen has authority greater than the next is long gone. Congress has turned into the puppets and the puppet masters.

As long as there’s the cabal of liberalization of congress who is elected president makes little difference. Presidents are visitors congressmen are there in perpetuity or so it seems. There only out is death, retirement and occasionally misconduct.

The coming 2008 elections is the opportunity to clean out the old congress and get new minds attuned to the 21st century, vote for the alternative to the incumbent regardless of political party. Give America a chance before it’s to late

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