A Twisted Trip, Alfred Nobel To Albert Gore

By: Ken Hughes

It’s always disheartening when a good thing turns bad. Alfred Nobel passed away December 10, 1896 leaving his vast estate [in today’s calculations an excessive of 100 million dollars.] to The Nobel Foundation whose purpose was to honor mans intellectual achievements. Included were prizes for those who worked for world peace. During his lifetime Dr. Nobel was known as the merchant of death, he not only invented dynamite the means used to harness the more unstable nitroglycerin, he invented a number of alternate explosives. Dr. Nobel was a pacifist of sorts, however it never kept him from perusing his chosen field of making explosives safer for men to handle, that and making money.

The first Nobel prizes for peace were given in 1901 to Jean Henri Durant and Frederic Passe. Being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize became a much sought after achievement. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize was the highest mountain of recognition; there were none higher to be climbed, this is no longer the case. The Nobel Foundation has strayed from the original purpose of awarding excellence in intellectual and humanitarian achievements to a political philosophy directed primarily against the English speaking countries of the world, the United States, the English commonwealth countries and Israel. They prefer to bestow a peace award on a terrorist, Yassar Arafat and that American moron Jimmy Carter than on a man who freed half a globe from political slavery, Ronald Reagan and a man who feed Americas starving enemy after the end of WWII, Harry Truman.

In my opinion awarding Al Gore a Nobel Peace Prize is the heights of hypocrisy and certainly not what Dr. Nobel intended. Al Gore fly’s around the world emitting Co2 carbons scaring the be-Jesus out of little children making them think their parents are monsters. He convinces them their world is about to end. He tells stories of Polar Bears being stranded on small islands of ice in the Artic. The fact is a Polar Bear has the capability and the stamina of swimming up to 100 miles and more when needed. Al tells stories of baby Penguins drowning while hunting for food, the facts are baby Penguins are fed by their parents and the second fact is Penguins can live in the ocean for weeks with out returning to land, Penguins are aquatic flightless sea birds, they fly underwater and never drowned.

Al Gore is neither a scientist nor a climatologist he has no personal expertise to back up his claims. Al relies on others to formulate and parse his thoughts, Al Gore is a highly paid performer for a vast environmental group out to green the world by first blacking its reputation.

Others equally as informed as the Al Gore Cabal question the science of global warming. They are aware what man screws up nature has the capability of correcting. Man doesn’t rule over God and his handy work. If these environmentalists had their way only the green green grass and the pretty flowers would remain on earth, and perhaps a few of their chosen people would remain to enjoy their achievements. One can bet Aunt Sally’s vacation money Al Gore would not be one of them,

I’m not sure which is the lesser of two evils, Al Gore as an environmentalist or Al Gore as president. How can a man with virtually no talent be awarded an Emmy, Oscar and Noble prize in one season without lifting a finger or uttering a single word of his own?

All awards have lost credibility in recent years, rather than making the extra effort to achieve many have found short cuts through drugs, manipulating the system or outright lying and even bribery to achieve the presumptions of excellence. This happens when non-achievers are allowed to evaluate the achievers performance. When they have no clue what they’re looking for it’s hard to judge with any degree of expertise.

How is the public to know what’s real and what’s pure bull sh*t when it comes to the critical issues that surround us? Men and women once believed to be creditable turn on their previous assertions for the monetary gains of a book deal, more often than not co-authored by a ghost writer. Then come editors and rewrites, when the book is published even the author is surprised by some of the thing he / she reads.

My suggestion is before anyone accepts an opinion of any issue they Google or Yahoo search to see what the opposition is saying, only after some simple research make up your minds. Keep in mind every coin has two sides unless it’s counterfeit. In the case of solid news there is only one side and when the story is fact and not editorialized only then does it have only one side, truth.

Come November 2008 lets all take a look at what our congress has been giving us over the years and question if this is who we are asking to represent us?…… If the answer is no vote for the other guy or gal, vote for the incumbents challenger and give someone new the opportunity of success of failure.

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