The Frustration of a Canadian Conservative

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

One of the many benefits of being a conservative as opposed to a liberal is that we never have any shame about self-criticizing our own party. Being naturally opinionated, conservatives won’t hesitate to call out one of our own for a little verbal slapping when needed. Where liberals will openly turn on each other out of ambition, the motive from the political right is borne out of keeping the team strong in the fight against the other side. It is from that basis that I write today.

You wouldn’t believe how frustrating it is to be even slightly to the political right in Canada. Our current Conservative minority government represents but a reprieve from the seemingly endless reign of the Eastern Canadian dominated Liberal governments. It has become impossible to differentiate between actual news stories and leftwing opinion propaganda segments on our national broadcaster, the C.B.C. Readers will know my opinion of the popular George Stroumboulopoulos-hosted show The Hour and its formula of having a broad range of guests with only two or three topics – anti-Bush, anti-war, pro-environmentalism – of discussion.

The average interview on any given Canadian Broadcasting Corp. show:

CBC: 12-year-old Ontario spelling-bee champ Bobby Johnson joins us now. Bobby, you must be proud of your win.
Bobby: Yes, it’s cool to win th…
CBC: That’s great. So Bobby, how do you think the American troops feel, knowing they are fighting a war without a point?
Bobby: (stares blankly at camera)

One of the most effective messages they are sending is that to be conservative is to be pro-American, which isn’t a plus when you consider how anti-Bush Canadians are.

Living in this environment is bad enough, but then we find ourselves in the unusual position of trying to defend some outspoken American conservative pundits. Ann Coulter has in the past made statements regarding Canada that were just plain wrong. Now, I’m a big enough fan of Ann to know that she likes to use the shock value aspect of delivering an opinion in order to be heard. That’s one of the things I love about her and her books. But at a time when the American right is in desperate need of allies, making statements that do more to show ignorance on a subject than informed opinion helps no one. Coulter stating Canada has been ‘allowed to exist’ and that we ‘don’t need to have an army’, at a time when Canada has been doing much of the heavy lifting in Afghanistan so the Americans can fight in Iraq, probably isn’t the best P.R. move even if support of the war was overwhelming in Canada, which it is not.

An infamous exchange took place a few years back between then-CNN pundit Tucker Carlson and then-M.P. (and national embarrassment) Carolyn Parish. I remember feeling completely lost during the heated exchange. With absolutely no love of Ms. Parish or her outlandish actions, I was so looking forward to watching Carlson tear her apart live on television. Then Tucker claims that Canada is ‘Honduras but less interesting’, and that the average Canadian spends all of our time ‘dog-sledding’.

If found myself, someone who yearns for his own province to separate from Canada, aghast at the lack of knowledge the American right has of the United States closest ally in the world. I hate to say it, but that is one area that the Democrats have it over the Republicans. The American left has realized that it does matter how the rest of the world sees the United States. Hopefully the American political right figures that out soon.

We northern conservatives sure would appreciate it.

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