The Entree Du jour of The Democrat National Party Is Its Attack Against Surveillance Programs

By: Marie Jon'

The Democrats have run on a campaign of defeatism in Iraq while undermining the president of the most powerful nation in the world. They have acted irresponsibly. The Democrats live in their own concocted world, devoid of reality. Common sense and truth seems to elude them at our country’s expense.

Hopefully, Americans will rise to the occasion and cause an appropriate political fallout for the outrageous charges made against our troops — calling heroes serving their country murderers. Remember the names of Congressman John Murtha, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senators John Kerry, Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid. Too often, their controversial words recklessly impugn the honor of our troops. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in particular should be held responsible for his reckless declaration of our loss in Iraq, when in fact we are winning the peace.

Democrats must be held responsible for all of their malicious, propagandistic lies. Vote wisely in 2008. Remember who was responsible for deliberately dividing our nation for their own political gain. Reject the Democrats the absolute power they seek.

Remember the “Drive-By Media” who have betrayed us all by trying to limit access to the information we need to maintain a free democracy.

Every other week it is one more irresponsible act after another. The once respected political opposition party seems well on its way to becoming America’s new and improved Socialist Party. They lost their way and no one can help them. In fact, their presidential candidates are proud to promote every giveaway program that all Americans will have to pay for. There’s no such thing as a “free lunch.”

The entree du jour for the Democrat National Party is its attack against the surveillance program that is desperately needed to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Excerpts from Associated Press:

“Democrats Block Warrantless Wiretap Immunity For Telcos”

“WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- House Republicans Wednesday failed in their bid to give telephone companies immunity for participating in the Bush administration’s post-Sept. 11 warrantless wiretapping program as two House panels completed work on wiretapping legislation.

“Several major phone companies allegedly handed phone and email records over to the federal government as part of the Bush program.

“Democrats in both the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees held their party line to vote against the GOP proposal and to then approve parallel versions of the wiretapping bill. The bill passed the Judiciary Committee 22-14. It passed the Intelligence Committee 12-7.

“House Democratic leaders are expected to iron out any remaining differences in the wiretapping bill and bring the unified version to the House floor for debate next week.

“Bush Wednesday underscored that the wiretapping bill must include an immunity provision.

“Large phone companies, such as AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Communications Inc. ( VZ), have refused to say publicly whether they cooperated with the Bush’s warrantless wiretap program. They are, however, snarled in a several class action lawsuits for allegedly handing over millions of customer records in violation of federal privacy laws.

“Speaking from the White House lawn, Bush said any wiretapping bill “must grant liability protection’ to telecommunications companies from these and other lawsuits. Bush said the companies are being sued ‘only because they are believed to have assisted in the efforts to defend our nation following the 9/11 attacks.

“House Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said telephone companies that cooperated with the government should be thanked and protected, not sued.”

Full Article

Why haven’t we been attacked since 9/11? Because we have been on the offensive rather than waiting to be caught off guard. However, the irresponsible Democrat legislators are trying to undermine the safety programs that the President has successfully implemented.

They claim that we are losing our privacy and that our government assails our constitutional rights. We are at war. Homeland Security has to protect our country. Not one citizen has been accosted in any way by the surveillance program in place, unless they happened to be collaborating with jihadists.

The lack of sense and the irresponsibility that the Democrat Party exhibits proves that they are not a viable choice for the White House in 2008.

Were we not asked to become proactive and vigilant concerning suspicious behavior? Let us not forget that it was the Democrat Party who thought it was a good idea to allow average citizens to become embroiled in lawsuits for doing what was correct and responsible. If it were not for two Republicans, the “John Doe Provision” would have been destroyed.

Republican, Peter T. King announced the successful inclusion of the John Doe Protections language in the 9/11 bill. The bill gives immunity to all Americans who are protective and watchful. The John Doe Protection Amendment passed the House overwhelmingly in March, 2007.

“This is a huge win — a hard-fought victory for House Republicans and, more importantly, for the American people. In a post-9/11 reality, vigilance is essential to security. Despite Democratic opposition to this important homeland security measure, I’m thrilled to announce that common sense has prevailed and heroic Americans who report suspicious activity will be protected from frivolous lawsuits. The American people were heard and our country is safer because of it.”

- Rep. Peter King.

Unfortunately, Democrats resist measures to protect America tooth and nail. They are much more invested in the ideas of the atheist billionaire and global financier George Soros. He has his own social agenda for the United States which evidently fits right in with that of the Democrat Party.

The DNC is irresponsible and has the propensity to cause our country irrevocable harm. They do not understand, or simply don’t care about the seriousness of what the world is facing.

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