El Rushbo Uses Letter from Useful Idiots to Help U.S. Troops

By: John Lillpop

Harry Reid and forty of the most fervently anti-American Democrats in the history of the U.S. Senate tried their level best to embarrass conservative talk show icon Rush Limbaugh, while simultaneously promoting themselves as guardian angels charged with protecting U.S. troops.

Democrats actually working on behalf of American troops? Absurd!

Remember that just last summer, Harry Reid declared the war in Iraq “lost.”

Why in the world would a patriotic, intelligent leader who really gives a damn about U.S. troops concede defeat with 160,000 courageous Americans troops still on the ground and in harm’s way?

Where is your concern for the young American men and women who literally face death every day in Iraq, Senator Reid? How do you suppose your reckless remarks impacted those courageous troops 8,000 miles from home?

Clearly, Reid’s “war is lost” rant was programmed to discredit President Bush and the surge. And troop morale be damned!

Undercutting troop morale during time of war should have lead to the immediate arrest of Reid for treason and banishment of the traitor to a dingy cell in Guantanamo Bay. A special election in Nevada should have been called to replace the unhinged leftist once a Republican who could win was found and vetted.

But with Democrats in charge, U.S. troops are little more than political pawns with which to embarrass the Bush administration and to pacify anti-war activists on the far left.

Which brings us to the latest fiasco from Reid and crew.

Desperate to shed their growing image as anti-war zealots on the heels of their outrageous partisan assaults on General Petreaus, Democrats decided to remake themselves as patriotic warriors on a mission to defend U.S. troops.

In order to achieve their mission, Reid and company found it necessary to lie about and misrepresent the most pro-troop figure in the history of the American media: The honorable and ever patriotic Rush Limbaugh.

Thus, 40 senate Democrats joined Reid in signing a letter to Clear Channel Communication, Inc., expressing an idiotic complaint about excessive use of free speech by Rush Limbaugh.

The Democrat missive boils down to a fundamental idea central to the new fascism that is the Democrat majority. Namely, liberals are all for free speech, except when it comes to conservatives.

However, in a delicious twist of irony, Rush Limbaugh has turned the tables on Democrats by auctioning off the original letter on eBay.

The Reid letter sold for a record $2.1 million. And Rush Limbaugh will match that amount with funds from his own pocket.

Thus, over $4 million will go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides scholarships to children of Marines or federal law enforcement personnel who were killed while serving their country.

Perhaps those 41 Democrats should pass the hat among theyselves and match Rush’s $4 million with funds from their own pockets?

In the name of supporting the troops?

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