The End Of A Nation

By: Carolyn Hileman

It has occurred to me that there are forces among us who would gladly bring about the end of our nation and forces among us who by lack of attention or will who will allow it to happen. Freedom of speech is under attack, not for those who would promote our demise but those who would stand to try and stop them. Rush Limbaugh for example, this man if you have ever listened to him is the most pro military person I have ever heard, he gets all choked up when one of our troops call in because like me he simply does not know how to thank these people who put their lives on the line daily for us. But he was talking to a caller and responded back the word phony soldiers about a man who professed to see and take part in atrocities in Iraq where he had never been because he never made it out of boot camp, I can only assume the man was planning to run for senator or president one day but that was the person Rush was talking about, I know I was listening. The point is Harry Reid and a bunch of other senators sent a letter to his broadcasting station in an effort to get him pulled from the air, all because someone lied about what he said.

When you think about all of the nations business they could have been doing instead of making speeches about Rush and lining up to sign this letter it should make you very angry. Rush does not need my help and this is not so much about Rush as it is about free speech. They use that everyday so that they can use curse words on TV, they use it to defame generals, and they use it to call us names and protest the war. But when one man, supposedly says something they do not like, they all get together and send a letter to attempt to quell his freedom of speech. These people who have felt free to malign our troops on a daily basis are suddenly saying no one has the right to malign our troops and I keep expecting to hear the words but the liberals. If these people can reach their long arms all the way into a broadcasting booth against a man they know will not simply fold, what does that say about the rest of us? If we say something that they don’t like will they send a letter to our bosses demanding that they fire us? This is nothing short of an attempt at totalitarian rule by a man who honestly believes that he and only he knows what is best for our country.

If you look at this mans behavior in the senate, you can only come to the conclusion that he is a want to be dictator and if given the chance that is exactly what he will become. This man has forced the other senators to stay over night to try and get a bill he wanted passed, he has attempted to push through legislation after legislation guaranteeing amnesty even after the American people called in against it so much that the senate phones were shut down. Now a logical person would believe that these people work for the people of the United States of America and that when the people of America take time out of their busy life to call the senate and demand that legislation is not passed they would defer to the people, this man and his cohorts ignored the people and continue to do so daily. Why? Because Harry Reid believes that he and he alone rules our country and what ever he deems fit is fit.

It really makes you wonder what will happen if the democrats continue to hold both houses much less if they gain seats. I don’t mind telling you that I am not sure November 2008 is going to get here soon enough to save us from these people. If the people decide not to keep calling and demanding that they kill legislation that would legalize illegal immigrants, they will pass that legislation and all the others they have hidden in their briefcases, and the American people once again will not be sent to the back of the bus they will be kicked off. We need every single eligible voter registered and ready to vote in 2008, to defeat the forces that would harm our nation, this is not one of those elections you can afford to leave to everyone else if you love your country and you want it to stay the nation you love then you had better vote. Or you will bear witness to the end of a nation.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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