Harry Reid Surrenders to Rush Limbaugh

By: Ken Hughes

Senator Harry Reid spoke praising Rush Limbaugh for the foresight offering the senates’ letter to the COE of Clearchannel Communications demanding Rush Limbaugh’s immediate dismissal, or words to that effect. It was his way of admitting he made an ass out of himself and those senators who joined him without an outright apology. This is perhaps the lowest point in the 110th congress filled with low points. The leaders of congress attacking private citizens with official allegations of wrong doing without benefit of challenge, that isn’t what congress should be about.

Rush Limbaugh has a listening audience of 20 million, congress has an approval rating of 11% [3,800,000 roughly] that’s hardly a battle a prudent man would wish to engage in. Harry Reid and his fellow senators aren’t prudent men they’re politician, politicians view themselves as exempt form civil behavior and accountability. Its true what’s said on the floor of congress is exempt from liability, it’s perhaps not wise but there are no consequences except public opinion.

Public opinion is Rush Limbaugh’s heaven on earth. Mr. Limbaugh was able to turn a negative into a second Comstock Gold Mine by offering the Senate letter condemning him for sale on Ebay. Not in anyone’s wildest dreams was it expected to bring 2.1 million dollars. Mr. Limbaugh has offered to match the 2.1 million bringing the total charitable contribution to 4.2 million. Now if those senators who signed the letter had any courage they would jointly match the 4.2 million with individual contributions of $102,500.00 bringing the total to nearly 8.5 million. Only then could Mr. Limbaugh accept the half hearted apology offered by the Senate leadership. This is the only atonement the senate can make for siding with the phony soldiers, besmirching the heroic men and women who volunteer for a war. Congress as well as the president sent them into and continue to finance the war, hypocrisy has its price congress should be willing to pay up for a cause that counts.

The government was divided into three equal but separate branches to assure this nation would always be free of oppressive officials, each branch requires the cooperation of the other branches to properly function. It seems in recent years that division of responsibility that was intended to work in unisons has become clouded, with each branch out to gain an advantage over the others. President make arbitrary decisions without consulting congress, the judiciary legislate from the bench with out consulting anyone. Congress seems to be on a power grab in an attempt to override presidential authority. All this is done in a most antagonistic hostile atmosphere, this isn’t what the founding fathers intended. The constitution consists of 7 articles and 27 amendments, written in simple language anyone should be able to understand. The tools for change are written in those articles and amendments, the whims of the president, congress or the judiciary are not included. The federal governmen
t has virtually cut state governments out of the process, the constitution places limits to the federal government’s authority. All things not specifically written into the constitution are to be left to the states, somewhere along the line our nationally elected officials have lost sight of what their part of America consists of.

There are dozens of places where the federal government has abused their authority, and dozens more where they’ve ignored their responsibilities. There is no authority in the constitution to provide health care, day care, food stamps, housing or abortions. The constitution requires the federal government to provide security for its citizens, not to play mommy to them. This nation was founded on the individual’s hard work and intellect, not on government programs. We should be one nation under God, not one nation under the government’s mandates or at least that was the original intent.

There’s a way out from under the oppressive taxation and government regulations about to come. Get rid of the current members of congress and start a-new. Let’s get rid of the obsolete and excess baggage in congress.

There are hundreds of capable men and women waiting for their opportunity to serve who can do better than those we have now. Vote for the other guy or gal for congress,

And while you’re at it Harry get your fellow senators to step up and make that contribution to The Marine Legal Foundation for those kids whose memory of their parents your letter disrespected.

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