I Have A Dream

By: Carolyn Hileman

Martin Luther King uttered those words so many years ago and people latched on to those words as a clarion call, well I am here today to tell you I have a dream also. I have a dream that our school district will not continue to raise my taxes to build on to the already over crowded schools because even more illegal immigrant children have enrolled. I have a dream that our teachers rather than being assigned to teach English to students whose parents do not pay the school taxes but rather to teach my children to further their education and become tomorrow’s leaders. I have a dream, that one day each and every American citizen will be allowed to hold their head up high and be proud that they are citizens rather than looking down because someone in power who would rather divide than unite has called them a racist.

I have a dream, I dream of the day when the senate stops turning a deaf ear to the people of the United States and governs for the people of their country and not every other group whose only claim to fame is they are the so –called minority. I have a dream that business owners rather than try to make a quick buck by hiring illegal’s will pay a fair wage and level the playing field for businesses that never cheated. I have a dream that no longer will we the taxpaying citizens of this country be forced to pay outrageous hospital bills to make up for the illegal immigrants who use those services and never pay. I have a dream that one day I will know that the person driving behind me has insurance to cover my vehicle should they ram theirs into mine and I have dream that rather than letting them go with a ticket they will never pay, they will be picked up and escorted to jail.

I have a dream that one day every single American child who wants to go to college will be able to, that we will stop taking tax dollars from their families and yet refusing to allow them to use the services that they are paying for. I have a dream that the American tax paying families will rise up and say no more, there was a war fought over taxation without representation, we won that war and we will no longer be taxed to death only to see our government hand our hard earned money over to people who came to our country illegally and leached off of us from day one. I have a dream that every single parent who has ever had to take out a second mortgage, done without, or had to tell their child I am sorry we just cannot afford to send you to college will call the CAPITOL TOLL-FREE SWITCHBOARD: 1-(800)-828-0498 and tell them you could not afford to send your child to college and you damn sure are not about to pay any more taxes to send theirs.

We all have dreams and I have no doubt that there are several illegal immigrant families who are dreaming today, they are not dreaming the same dream as ordinary Americans though, they are dreaming that the American people will stay silent and allow their children that they brought here illegally to become legal and be able to sponsor them for a green card, they are dreaming of being forgiven for living amongst us and taking from us every single day that they were here. These people not one time gave consideration to our dream as they caused our taxes to go up to build on to schools and hire new teachers. Our dreams were and still are inconsequential to them as they lobby our leaders whom they cannot even vote for to give them yet more of our country. So call your senators today since tomorrow they plan to vote yet again on the dream act, yes I know you are sick of calling, I know you feel like you are spinning your wheels but the fact is if you had not already been calling they would have passed it by now. So call them today and when they answer that phone tell them you have a dream, tell them what that dream is and ask them if they will create special legislation so that you too can have your dream, I am an American citizen, an American taxpaying citizen and I have a dream.

In the End,
we will remember
not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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