Fred Thompson Is The Media’s Chosen 2008 “Village Idiot”

By: Ken Hughes

For as many presidential elections as I can recall two things are cretin, the media chooses who they perceive to be the most vulnerable candidate to tag as the election seasons “Village Idiot.” Then one candidate always puts his foot in his mouth driving him out of contention. The first honor has been bestowed on such great men as Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and now Fred Thompson. If Fred Thompson follows in the foot steps of any one of these men he’ll make one hell of a fine president and become a credit to this nation. Each of these men had there frailties, each mans courage conviction and allegiance to God, duty and country out weighed any perceived mistakes they may or may not have made. The problem with campaigns the public has a tendency to pay to much attention to the road the man has traveled and not enough to where he’s going. Like it or not candidates spend 90% of their time defending their past record and only 10% addressing the future. A man’s past is important but it shouldn’t be all consuming.

Voters are like sheep, a full belly and the promise of greener pastures ahead and they’ll follow the Belled Ewe, [the noise makers] over the cliff. This may be a harsh assessment of my fellow voters but the proof is in the congress they continue to elect. Congress and the presidency were meant to be a cohesive unit elected to manage the public’s affairs. In 1933 the constitution was set aside in favor of Karl Marx Socialist Manifesto. The dust’s built up so thick on the constitution no politician seems to remember what it looks like let alone what it says.

According to the political pundits it’s going to be difficult for Fred Thompson to get his message out to the public when the media paints him the fool. Some believe Fred needs to get in the back of that Red Pickup Truck and go a cross the country playing the Redneck Goober talking to the people [sans] the media. After all Hillary Clinton is getting 60 % of the Medias attention the other 40% is divided between both the Republicans and the Democrats. [Side comment] This is no way to run an election there was a time when the media wasn’t honest or fair but they weren’t all shills for one party over the other either. The MSM seems to have deteriorated into propaganda machines for a single candidate, [guess who?]

Fred Thompson is consistently in second and occasionally third place in the race, with the elections a year away this is comfortable territory. If Fred were a Democratic candidate he would have reason to worry, Democratic voters have a tendency to follow the Medias chosen candidate over the cliff, in this case it’s Hillary Clinton. The rest of the Democratic candidates are wasting time, effort and money bucking the Medias candidate. Hillary Clinton began her trek to the Whitehouse the day her little ward Billy was elected president, I’m sure it crossed her mind if this philandering Hill Billy can become president, the smartest woman in America will be a shoo-in.

The Republican nominee who comes up against Hillary will get an education in dirty politics 101 like they’ve never seen before. If Fred Thompson is that candidate he will need to be better at handling the Medias criticism than he has so far. Hillary has a propaganda machine that Joseph Gerbils of the old Nazi Party would marvel at. Fair, balanced, honest and civil aren’t words likely to be found in the Clinton household. Rudy Giuliani is the only Republican candidate who is capable of going toe to toe, [mano a mano] with Hillary. Rudy Giuliani is also the most likely candidate to put his foot in the preverbal dung. Rudy Giuliani is a New Yorker and in the heat of battle New Yorkers have been known to lose their cool and get nasty.

Fred Thompson has a cretin Southern sophistication Hillary lacks. The question is Fred Thompson’s quick wit and cool humor enough to quail a Hillary vindictive attack on his character? Fred Thompson’s one liners can be as barbed as the fence around a cow pasture, but will it be enough to keep Hillary within the boundaries of civility?

There’s a year to go until its voting time, that’s enough time to select a candidate and change our minds a few times. Our selection for President is of far less importance than who we send to congress. If we don’t like a president we know he or she will be gone in four to eight years. Congress on the other hand serves in perpetuity, once elected Alfred Nobel couldn’t invent an explosive strong enough to blast them out of congress. Your votes and only your votes can dislodge the [long tooth’s] from congress.

Listening to the Republican debate held Sunday in Orlando Florida the difference between the Republican candidates and the Democrats became obvious. Democrats are already spending the increased taxes and Republicans are trying their best to hold the line. Most of the new programs Democrats are proposing are unconstitutional. Hillary’s proposed 300 billion over five years for health care for children would be better spent on those elderly dependent on Medicare. They are the ones who need the health care assistance not healthy children.

It doesn’t make much difference what the candidates say the Media has their minds made up what answers they will accept. An example was asking Fred Thompson if he’s lazy because he isn’t on the campaign trail 24 / 7, it seems the Medias is appalled because he takes a day or two off, it seems dividing time between family and politics is a sin. Running for president should be a commitment not an obsession. Mike Huckabee may have stated it best when he said “We are not here to fight each other, we are here to do our best for the country” [paraphrased]. The Republican candidates are all of the same mind they simply have different views of what paths to take.

My personal choice for president is Fred Thompson he has a touch of Abe Lincoln, Terry Roosevelt, Berry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, but only a touch, mostly he’s Fred Thompson a man with impeccable credentials in his own right. Fred Thompson and I are both country boys who walked through the barn yard manure getting to the Manor house. You’ve got to trust a man who’s willing to put his foot in it and move on.

A vote for Fred Thompson is a vote for a return to constitutional government. Let’s all make our votes count

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