Message to Democrats – Where do we go from here?

By: Jack L. Key

Well, we’ve been listening to you for months now—Ms. Clinton, John Edwards, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, Murtha, Kennedy and all the rest—about how bad President Bush is, the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan and how wonderful each of you are. And how great it will be for us when you win it all.

Let’s see. You’re going to socialize medicine with Ms. Clinton’s schemes, give every “poor” kid who’s daddy makes 80 grand a year free insurance, end the “wars” in central Asia and Middle East, quit fighting and bring the troops home, but support the troops anyway and give them all new battle gear. You intend to appoint a new Attorney General who will close ol’ Gitmo, give all the bad boys there new ditty bags to get them back home without punishment for attacking and killing American G.I’s.

Am I right so far?

You’re going to “fix” everything the current administration (and VP Cheney and AG Gonzales) did wrong, bring “spy” Valerie Plame in from the cold, raise taxes and fund a bundle of new “programs”. You’re going to stop the slide of new home sales, make the dollar good again and send all government contracts for equipment and weapons to the good ol’ boys in China to build for us (and outlaw recalls).

Immigration and illegal aliens will no longer be a problem because you’ll open the borders and give the folks already here citizenship and free social, legal and food services. Bring everybody up here for free goodies if they want to be Yankees.

Besa ma Mucho!

Castro and Hugo will be big brothers to us all, the ding in N. Korea will get a free ride, and the dong in Iran will get his, er, nukes. And you’ll see to it Mr. Putin will never again get his feelings hurt by mean Americans who want to protect Europeans and themselves from the bad boys in Iran by building new missile defenses there.


I think it’s time we heard exactly how democrats plan to do all these good things for us. Give us specifics. Those things we haven’t heard from anyone yet. We’ve heard enough mud slinging, lies and false promises from democrats for so long you thought we’d never ask HOW, didn’t you?

But let’s think for a moment about the world you’ve laid out for us, and I’ve just described. First of all it won’t pass muster. Second, republicans in Congress aren’t that stupid. Reid and Pelosi have had THE POWER for a while now. Let the record show there IS no record. The last democrat to hold the presidency in the ‘90’s fiddled around with terrorist attacks in NYC and elsewhere with no success to speak of, but fiddled around with Ms. Lowenski in the anteroom with some success? So Bin Laden said let’s hit the WTC again on 9/11, 2001.

So where do we go from here?

Democrats will have all the news media on their side in the upcoming fisticuffs called elections. Hollywood will embrace all their little darlings on the left-hand side. The Evening News gurus will beat the republican candidate senseless, and “presidential debates” will be one-sided affairs, PBS and CNN will see to that. But thankfully we won’t have to endure more tales of military bravado from the democratic candidate, because I don’t think any of them have served their country, either in peace or war this time around, have they?

Is this gonna be it then?

Nope. The American voter will have the last say. And we seem to have gotten it right now for over 300 years. That little item is where we’ll go from here.

And nobody does it better.

Jack L. Key is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance (, a published author and freelance writer. He may be contacted at

New Media Alliance Television (


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