Freedom And Responsibility-Soap Doesn’t Grow In The Soap Dish

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By: Glen Williams

As I continue to read what the 2008 Presidential candidates will give me, I get ever-increasing chills up my spine. The candidates are usually very specific about things they’ll give us, but get real fuzzy when it comes to what they must take from us to provide the giveaway. Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older, but I remember learning in school that our system of government was founded on the principle that our freedoms were given us by God, that our Government was established by us to secure those freedoms, and that our lives, however we choose to live them, are our personal responsibility. As attractive as the concept is to the greedy among us, we cannot escape responsibility without losing freedom.

We learned this lesson first from our parents, who were responsible for everything in our lives; food, clothing, home, medicine, etc. Those parents who provided everything for us expected obedience from us (at least the good ones did), and controlled us while they taught us to become responsible, independent citizens. I remember when I complained my mother controlled my life, she said, “I look forward to the day you can make all your own decisions because then you’ll learn soap doesn’t grow in the soap dish.” It was her way of telling me freedom doesn’t exist without responsibility.

With few exceptions, over the 50 plus years of my lifetime, politics at all levels has been about convincing people that soap grows in the soap dish…you can have freedom without responsibility. I believe the first major Federal program built on this lie was Social Security…they always make up high-sounding names when they’re selling free soap. After all, who can be against security? This program is designed to tell us the Government will keep us secure so we don’t have to be responsible and save for our own retirement. What freedom did we lose by ducking this responsibility? As of today, we lose the rights to 15.3% of our lifetime income. In other words, we all became 15% slave to provide a retirement income that is totally inadequate for retirement. Of course, we all know this has to be fixed soon, but we’re so addicted to free soap we oppose any plan to fix it.

Another major free soap program is Medicare, where we were told we shouldn’t have to pay for our own medical expenses after we retire. Our rich Uncle Sam will take care of that. Medicare then tells all those mean greedy doctors and hospitals they can’t charge what it costs for medical procedures on elderly patients. What is the freedom we lose to buy this free soap? Medicare is running huge deficits which will require more tax dollars, but more to the point of lost freedom, Medicare is the single biggest reason everyone’s medical costs are skyrocketing. This is because doctors and hospitals have to charge the rest of us far more to cover the unpaid costs of Medicare treatments. Add in the fact that the Government, not Seniors, makes the decisions as to what care they get and you see how many freedoms we give up to duck the responsibility of our own Senior health care. When we see how arbitrary, wasteful and inadequate Medicare is, how could we ever consider giving the Feds control over the rest of health care? There ain’t no free soap!

Does the lack of free soap discourage our politicians from selling it? No! Quite the contrary! Because the free soap of the past was so inadequate, each election year they come up with new brands of free soap. There’s Medicaid, paying for everything from uncovered Medicare costs to illegal aliens. There’s the Senior prescription drug benefit, where the working poor are taxed so wealthy Seniors can get discount medicines. Welfare, SCHIP, public schools, bridges to nowhere…go down the list of Federal, state and local programs and you’ll find free soap accounts for more than 3/4 of the spending. The Southern California fires can teach us something about free soap…it’s unnecessary. Although the private sector and local governments had everything under control, the State and Federal governments stepped in to promise $ billions of unnecessary aid to mostly wealthy people who had or should have had private insurance to cover their losses. Does this make any sense? Taxes and fees at all levels of Government are more than 50% of our incomes, meaning the whole country is 50% slave…mostly to buy free soap. Just like our parents, but without the love, the more our country does for us, the more it will control us and take from us. Without personal responsibility, there is no personal freedom.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of free soap salespeople in either party campaigning for the 2008 elections. Oh, how I long for one politician with the courage of John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan to stand up and tell us the truth, that the Government can’t manage our lives, that we must be responsible for ourselves, and that we can. One candidate to boldly say we can’t afford Government to do anything for us we’re capable of doing for ourselves…to tell us that our very freedom…our survival as a nation depends on personal responsibility. Give us one candidate to clearly declare, “Ask not, what your country can do for you.” We Americans must demand from our politicians the truth, that personal freedom requires personal responsibility…soap doesn’t grow in the soap dish. One thing is certain…if we keep buying free soap, we can look at Russia 10-30 years ago and see our future.

Glen Williams is a private citizen with experience in civil service, military, ministry and business. This article is his personal opinion and has nothing to do with his professional activities. You can comment on this article by emailing him at

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