A Message to Democrats—Page Two

By: Jack L. Key

Howard Dean’s Saturday Stuffer

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean did it again on Saturday, October 27.

In his zeal to criticize Republicans in Congress for supporting President Bush in his fight with dum-dum Democrats who continue to rattle their sabers over his proper veto of the inflated children’s heath care bill sent to him, Dean placed his smelly foot in his mouth again.

First, he tries to base the whole thing on the back of our troops in Iraq—“They’ve made their choice, he screamed, they want to stay in Iraq but deny help to our kids.”

In the party’s weekly radio address he said Republicans support borrowing for “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan but won’t support the Democrats’ increased level of spending for SCHIP. Incredible that he would make such foolish remarks. But this blather is coming from the Chairman of the Democratic Party. Why doesn’t he tell Americans Democrats want to increase the income ceiling so high for parents of “poor” children that it would be in the national middle income levels for most families?

If Democrats really believe that Iraq rubbish then why not use their majority in Congress to withhold the requested funding for our troops? Too bad the American people don’t share Dean’s views that not funding our troops would probably kill thousands of them while they ran to flee Iraq and Afghanistan and open the world to Islamic terrorists.

But this idiocy is Howard Dean’s view of the world.

On October 3 President Bush vetoed Democrat legislation to add 35 billion over 5 years to the SCHIP program. The President wants the program to continue, but with a smaller income ceiling for parents of these children. In other words, to continue helping the poorer families, not raise the ceilings so high all children are included. However, Democrats would not compromise on the bill, so the President had no other choice except to veto the measure.

Dean must think we can’t read.

This whole agenda by Democrats is to play on the sympathy of us all for children who need coverage provided by the original program and the President has endorsed. As the President has said, the Democrats in Congress are playing with our children’s help for their health program, and is nothing but pure pork-barrel politics.

The SCHIP program will continue to be funded at proper levels. And funding will also go to our troops fighting bravely on foreign soil to defend our homeland and our freedoms from those who would kill all of us. The President and the Republicans will see to that.

Then finally comes the real Saturday Stuffer from Mr. Dean.

“Americans cannot afford four more years of a President who borrows for the “war”, and denies help for our kids,” he said.

Will someone write Dean and tell him Mr. Bush leaves office next year after the two elected terms that our constitution allows?

He just doesn’t get it.

Jack Key is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, a published author and freelance writer. He may be contacted at jockdoc@localnet.com

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