Presidential Campaign 2008: Hillary Clinton on Abortion?

By: Guest Authors

By: Michael Thompson

Hillary has been known for her women’s right to choose position on Abortion, but this could cause her real problems in the upcoming election. Among those who base their electoral decision on the issue, polls show that pro-lifers outnumber pro-choice voters.

For several years now Hillary Clinton has been trying to neutralize her position on abortion to be: ‘Nobody likes abortion but it is important that it remains legal.’

The Republicans will likely try to exploit Mrs. Clinton’s record suggesting that although she is trying to appear to be a moderate, Senator Clinton’s voting record clearly shows her often radical position on abortion.

Since the last election, the Democrats have engaged in a prolonged bout of introspection as to how to woo religious voters, who care profoundly about moral issues, particularly abortion. Many are still angry with Mr. Bush for failing to ban the procedure altogether.

Hillary’s quotes:

In June 2007 Hillary made the following statement: Later today, the president will veto a bill passed by Congress to support stem cell research. I co-chair the Alzheimer’s Caucus in the Senate. I’ve worked on helping to boost funding for research to look for cures and a way to prevent so many devastating diseases. And we know that stem cell research holds the key to our understanding more about what we can do. When I am president, I will lift the ban on stem cell research. This is just one example of how the president puts ideology before science.

In May 2007 Hillary said: “We can all recognize that abortion in many ways represents a sad, even tragic choice to many, many women.”

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