France’s Sarkozy Quits 60 Minutes Interview-“Stupid”, He Says

By: Jack L. Key

French President Sarkozy apparently doesn’t like the CBS program “60 Minutes” any more than I do. In a report filed by the AP on Monday, October 29 he became frustrated when asked questions about his wife Cecilia by the show’s female interviewer. He ended the whole thing abruptly and called it “stupid”.

He’s wrong about “60 Minutes” being stupid, though.

The program is one of the slickest left-wing political propaganda shows ever advanced on the American people. I’ve always felt it was Socio-communistic, anti-American and should have been disenfranchised for it’s false and misleading reporting years ago. The show’s producers are under the false impression that because of their liberal viewing base they may report and say anything they wish. And they generally do.

But that’s nothing new for CBS—see ex-news anchor Dan Rather and other recent lefty favorites who ran out of room with the American people. Hopefully, Mike Wallace and his ever-changing crews will be next to leave the tube forever.

I can understand President Sarkozy becoming frustrated. He didn’t wish to discuss his wife in the interview because of personal reasons. Two weeks later both reported their intention to separate and seek a divorce.

I don’t agree with Sarkozy’s assessment of America, or the comments he made in the interview about us, though. While he had nothing bad to say about us as a country, an old friend and fellow democracy, what he did say wasn’t much. He said he liked our opportunities, work ethic and classless society. Well, that’s fine, but those were pretty bland, coming from an old “ally” and President of a country the U.S. kept from oblivion twice over.

France and several other European countries have short memories and are unwilling to stand with the United States on major issues, including fighting terrorism, the Middle East and the proliferation of nuclear weapons to Iran. When we ask for solidarity on an important issue, Europeans seem to separate themselves from us using some of the most flimsy excuses known to man. (See the U.N. for excuses.) Because almost 75% of Americans today were born after 1946, Europeans seem to get away with saying and doing whatever they wish now the “Cold War” has cooled down.

To those of us born before 1940 and have a good memory however, we feel betrayed.

President Sarkozy could have at least said how much he respected Americans for our stand for world peace, how our country has always stood with Europe in the dark times and has always been there with a helping hand. It was the American people after all, that bore the cost of providing the nuclear umbrella that protected us all from another European war during the communists reign in the Soviet Union during the 1950’s though the late 1990’s. And even today almost 30% of our military budget has been allocated for European defense and modernization.

So he could have said thanks, too.

In 1944 France ran red with American blood. More young American boys were killed in one morning in June there than in both Iraq and Afghanistan in five years. One of my uncles was on Omaha Beach in France on June 6th, and his arm still lies somewhere on the beaches of D-Day. Another cousin lies buried in French soil along with thousands of others whose white crosses fill the green meadows and shady hillsides of the French countryside, killed by the armies of a power mad Nazi murderer.

American and British forces recaptured their country the French government had surrendered to Hitler four years before and returned it to the French people, no questions asked.

The muddy trenches and barren fields of 1918 France still contain bodies of unknown American doughboys who gave their last full measure to save an arrogant French military from a humiliating defeat and save the continent from a Royal tyrant. My paternal grandmother’s brother still lies there somewhere, his body blown to bits by exploding shells of another European “friend”, the Germans of Kaiser Wihelm.

Remember America, when you hear European politicians squeal and squirm when we ask for their help.

Don’t ask for their thanks, just some cooperation from those whose countries have been saved and rebuilt with American courage and blood—and money. Where beautiful small towns and modern cities now stand and prosperity is plentiful, 60 years ago were bombed-out buildings and bloody battlefields. Millions were homeless and children were starving. Then an American named George C. Marshall came up with a “Plan”, and the USA funded it. The result is the Europe we see today.

But it would ease my mind considerably if the French would just say “Sure, just ask us. We’ll help our friends in America no matter the reason or the cost. We stand with America no matter what”.

“ It’s the least we can do”.

Jack L. Key is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, a published author and a freelance writer. He may be reached at

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