Iran Gearing Up for Additional Strikes on Western World

By: Lance Winslow

The news media in Iran is stating that the United States by issuing additional sanctions against Iran and declaring it’s suicide Jihad Quds and International Terrorist Group – Is taking the first major steps towards war. Indeed, this is quite a falsehood, in that Iran by sending in support and weapons to insurgents has already been at war with the US in Iraq for quite some time, killing US Troops.

Meanwhile, Iran is buying more weapons of war, in fact China is selling J-10 fighter aircraft to Iran and Syria, which claim they need them for defense. So far 24 aircraft have been ordered now. This is a substantial upgrade to Iran’s air force, which is still flying old-model inferior Mig-29s, some of these belonged to the former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein. Iran will pay some $1 Billion Dollars for these aircraft.

One online think tank, which constantly studies military weaponry stated that China, better get the money up-front, because 24 additional targets during a US Strike would last in the battlespace all of 6 minutes and 16 seconds on average. The aerodynamics of these aircraft are similar to that of the F-16 with similar flight performance, but not comparable to the latest F-16s that the US is currently flying and absolutely no match for Israeli F-15s.

The most interesting part of this continuing Middle East struggle and human war scenarios that are doomed to repeat is that the Israelis are ordering F-35′s right now and well these J-10 fighters from China? Well, how do you say it in your country? No Contest.

L. Winslow is an Economic, Political and Technology Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur Currently Mr. Winslow is planning a bicycle ride from Canada to Mexico and in Spring across the US from San Diego to Virginia Beach to raise money for charity. Previously he was a track star athlete, private pilot, involved in politics, community volunteerism and a Franchising Founder. Mr. Winslow has chosen 100 titles of Books he wishes to write and has completed ten thus far. The subjects include; Community Planning, Future Tech, Franchising, Small Business, and Third World Issues.

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